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My Wife Has No Desire For Sex. Help!

Husband, what about your sex-life (or, as some guys say, “lack of sex life”)?

Does your wife seemingly have little to no desire for sex? Consider this man’s note:

“Help! For several years now, my wife has had virtually no desire for sex. At the beginning, things were great in the sex department but now, any sex we have is like she’s doing me a favor. And honestly, I’ve just about reached the point where I’m done with her. If she’d just be more sexual, I’d be happy with her because outside of sex, she’s a great woman. But, [...]

The likelihood of tears

So, here’s another little discussion topic. You’ve broken the school rules. You know you shouldn’t have done it; you’re ashamed of yourself; your housemaster has given you a stern lecture as to how disappointed he is in you and how badly you’ve let yourself down. The cane is used relatively infrequently in the school, and you’ve certainly never been in trouble in the past. He tells you that he’s going to give you six strokes on the bare; you know he has a reputation for caning extremely hard.

What do you think would be most likely? You’ll be crying before [...]

A Happier, More Sexual Marriage; A Secret For Men

Hey guys, are you interested in a little secret that can really help your marriage be a happier, more sexual union?

I thought you might be…but first, I need to “prepare” you to receive this secret…

Men like things to be DIRECT. Men like it when there is a one-to-one correlation to what they want. If they want ‘X’, then they want to be able to DIRECTLY push the ‘X’ button and immediately have an ‘X’ pop out.

This is why men the world over…when it comes time for love-making…well, there isn’t actually much love-making…because the guy is busy PUNCHING [...]

Man Cunt Craigs List Ad


I am posting an interesting CL ad below that I just saw.  It is a female who looks like a male.  Could you fuck it?   It is strange to me.  I am turned on via her cunt, but the masculine package surrounding it is not some thing that I personally find sexually attractive.   Given the opportunity, could I fuck “it” ? I don’t know.  I think I would pass.  In the same manner I pass on fucking fat and ugly women.  It simply has too adverse an affect on the psyche.  Life is too short to be hooking up [...]

The Skinny On Anal Beads

Anal beads can be an interesting way to spice up anal stimulation, but many people don’t know how to use them. Here’s the downlow.

Women love pearls, necklaces, everything… beaded. So if you choose to introduce her to a different kind of jewelry, one that is meant to give her absolute sexual euphoria, she is not going to say no.

Perfect for the myriad of nerve endings that surround the anus (and for prostate massage, for the willing and experiment bound gentlemen!), anal beads resemble a thread of round shaped pearls (usually five), strung together on a nylon or cotton [...]

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