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Cinematic Vulgarity


Demeter and I went to see ‘Vulgaria‘ at the movies recently. A Hong Kong comedy, it was very vulgar indeed (and funny in an occasionally cringing fashion) – so it seemed entirely appropriate that after the film had finished I took the opportunity to flash my bits!

Granted, I can always find a reason if I try hard enough. But this was a better reason than most.

We were nearly – but not quite – caught by the attendant who came to clean the theatre before the next session. So he missed out.

But if there was anyone [...]

The New Generation of Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

The New Generation of Eco-Friendly Sex Toys Do you already recycle diligently and eat organic veggies? You might want to give the Earth some extra love with an environmentally-friendly dildo or vibrator. In the past, adult products have been associated with cheap synthetics and harmful phthalates. From using natural, recyclable materials to harnessing the power [...]

Bella plays with herself


Duration: 09:52 Keywords: bella lynn toys masturbation solo blondeoral blow-job big-boobs

Soundtrack of the day (or week, really)

I escaped the Big Storm mostly unscathed…many of my Bubble Crew seems to as well so far. My body is still recovering from the tremendous flare-up that rolled in before the storm did. We only have one family section to worry about, who are on Long Island. It’s sounding like the town and possibly the house are in bad shape and I am very concerned but not as concerned as I was for my mother. I suppose it is because my mother is widowed and frankly…not very strong anymore. Indeed, last year’s flood nearly did her in.

I did [...]

Geekbro back for more pussy – T & A Studios


Length: 10:13 Keywords: brunette

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