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Do vaginal tightening products work? Yes!


Hello everyone!

As you know, I enjoy testing all the new products available for you on wantdesire.com.

This week i have purchased : Adam & Eve- Sensual Tightening Spray (Snug Sensations).

I’m so blown away by this product!

I have used it multiple times through out the week and found that it actually does what it claims!

To use this product start by applying a few sprays the clit and vagina area… Massage it in gently if needed.

The vaginal tightening spray smells wonderful, and it made my pussy feel soft and tight. Within seconds of applying, my area [...]

The Dragonfly Sleeve

Today i shared with you my recent experience with the Japanese art of rope bondage.

I found this video on youtube along with many others that may help you in your quest for learning more about the beautiful and naughty art of bondage play.

This video shows how to tie a knot very similar to the knot attempted by me and my partner.

(Image shown in my last post- Bondage rope for beginners)


 The knot is called the Dragon fly sleeve and it is demonstrated in this video by the Knotty boys.

 WantDesire.com has many items available to enhance [...]

Shunga "Intimate kisses" aphrodisiac delight…


I have just sampled the “Intimate kisses” blazing cherry- Edible Aphrodisiac Oil, and it is a tasty and alluring item that will surely ignite and delight in ways you may never thought possible! I have certainly learned by now, if it was created by Shunga Erotic Art…  then it will be an exciting and unique romantic adventure for all who participate! The oil arrived packaged in a beautifully shaped glass bottle, with a cork holding in it all of its goodness. My lover opened the bottle and dabbled small drops of the oil on my skin in various places. Once applied, the oil was not [...]

Bunnies, Rabbits and egg vibrators on sale!

Enjoy a mind blowing rabbit vibrator, a bunny vibrator or a vibrating egg….These are some of the highest rated vibrators for pleasure ever made! And they are all on sale at wantdesire.com!  WantDesire.com is also offering 30% off the entire store until the end of march..thats a whole lot of savings, that can add up to more pleasure for you!

Hurry now…time and stock is limited for all of your favorite sex toys on sale!

Your horny gal, Silvia www.facebook.com/adultnovelties www.facebook.com/wantdesire Sex Toys Store – Big Dildos, Bondage and fetish gear, and Vibrators on Sale [...]

My lovely & sexy Dreamgirl lingerie…



Dream girl lingerie has a very lovely collection with the perfect mix of sexy, sassy, classy and fun! I recently got my hands on a few of their items myself and i must say i’m feeling very satisfied… and in more ways then one… mmmmmm.I love my new Dreamgirl outfits and my man certainly does too!

Last night i wore this 3 piece baby blue and white laced sexy outfit made by Dreamgirl. I paired it with white thigh high stockings and a very high heel tan shoes. The result was amazing! I felt super sexy and my [...]

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