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Bunnies, Rabbits and egg vibrators on sale!

Enjoy a mind blowing rabbit vibrator, a bunny vibrator or a vibrating egg….These are some of the highest rated vibrators for pleasure ever made! And they are all on sale at wantdesire.com!  WantDesire.com is also offering 30% off the entire store until the end of march..thats a whole lot of savings, that can add up to more pleasure for you!

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Pjur Bodyglide original works wonders for both men and women…  Before i started dating my man I had never really tried using a lube before… it was just something that i never thought to try. During our first sexual encounter he reached down into his bedside drawer and pulled out a bottle of Pjur. I was amazed how just a little dab of personal lube could change the whole sensation and friction… and it changed it in a great way! Instead of feeling tugging and pulling and trying to force it his privates inside me.. His goodies gently slid [...]

My fabulous glowing club outfit!


I just attended a wonderful “glow party” held at Upstairs at Club Risqué located in the Penn’s landing area of Philadelphia… 

When i found out this event was coming to town i was so excited… I had never been to one before. I needed to find the perfect outfit to wear, and fast! So went shopping online at wantdesire.com…  I found something great in the club wear section in just a few minutes. It was a neon pink halter top dress with a matching thong from the Party girl collection, made by Magic silk. The color was just so bold and bright [...]

Why do some men like feet?

I found this interesting video on youtube and i thought that i would share it with you. The video is a clip of a documentary describing the science of why, and how some can men develop a foot fetish.. along with other fetishes as well.

Though the clip seems a bit dated, it really explains a lot so check it out!

I must warn you though.. it may make you want to take out a bottle of massage oil and rub someones wigglys…  WantDesire.com has all the best stuff to pamper any pair of feet in just the right way!


How To Stop Premature Ejaculation! (simple trick)

If you are having an issue with premature ejaculation, this clip may give you an idea of the things you may be doing that could cause this issue to occur…

The man in the clip will give you tips on how to stay focused, gain control of your breathing, stay relaxed, and make your love making more lengthly.

The clip is a bit slow to get to the point, but the knowledge that you will learn is power!

WantDesire.com carries many desensitizing creams, lubes, and other topical enhancements which also can be a quick way to help save the day!


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