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Anal play time for beginners!


If you are searching for a safe and simple way to open yourself up to thought of anal play, these “Silicone explorers” will be the perfect starter system for you!

In the past anal sex was just un-heard of… and even considered taboo… The first time my partner had mentioned trying anal play i was very apprehensive, yet secretly intrigued!

We were both totally new to anal sex and didn’t know how to do it properly. We didn’t even apply a personal lubrication beforehand! Needless to say, it did not work out well for me, and i would not be [...]

Self massage made much easier…


Have you ever felt like you had achy spot in the middle of your back that you just couldn’t fully reach? That’s kinda what having a lover is for, right?

But if you haven’t yet found the “right one”, or your partner just happens to never be available when duty calls… I know a great tool for you…

The “Natural Contours, Ideal” Body Massager with multi functional grip. This massager has a super power like no other body massager of its kind…

Not only does it allow a stream constant strong vibration, but it can reach angles of [...]



While searching the web i found this video.. and well, i just couldn’t help myself…

The guy in the video is a bit of a personality but he is stunned, as i am as well.

As it turns out there are a few companies not found yet in the U.S that are providing sex toys for dogs!

It’s certainly an interesting idea considering that our animals unfortunately have a sex drive as well… but i never had the thought to help find away to relieve his urges.

I am assuming that this sex toy was designed with a purpose other [...]

How to get 30% off all sextoys, lingerie and adult movies



Boy Butter Is the best gay lubricant!


Are you tired of your sexual lubricants staining or ruining your sheets?  Its always a bummer when you have to throw out a good pair of sheets just because you just weren’t as carful with the lube bottle as you should have been…  You spill a single drop and your brand new sheets you spent an hour picking out become a balled up disaster headed for the trash bin. And then you’re stuck thinking… well, i guess we just have to be more careful next time. But who in the world wants to be careful during sex!?  Not me… Sometimes it’s [...]

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