3D SexVilla 2


Amber Lynn Bach does a load of laundry and gets a load!


Duration : 674 seconds Keywords: homemade,amatuer,real,amber,lynn,bach,mom,mother,wife,cougar,mommy,amberathome


What you want…

I know what you want.

I know how much you want to hold the woman who wants you to make love to her. To take her in your arms knowing that it is just the start of the journey and the eventual destination is wet and wanton and wicked.

You want to feel her press her breasts [...]

Crisis at Christmas – a request for support

One of our friends in the scene, Amy Hunter, is setting a wonderful example to us all by helping out this Christmas with Crisis, the charity that assists homeless people. As part of this, she’s trying to raise money for this hugely worthwhile cause, and has already gathered over £375. As she explains on her fundraising page:

“I, along with many other awesome people, will be volunteering time this Christmas season at guest centres with Crisis, to try and make some of London’s homeless people feel some of the companionship and support we sometimes take for granted at a difficult [...]

That Gunman Guy was Pathetic

I only have one thing to say about the events at Sandy Hook elementary school this past week: The gunman, Adam Lanza, was a pathetic excuse for a human being.

I don’t believe better gun laws are the answer. Certainly, this country needs an overhaul of firearms legislation, but if people want to hurt other people, they’re going to do it. If not with guns, they’ll use knives or bombs or whatever they can find. So right now, all the gun law talk makes me roll my eyes.

I also don’t believe better mental health care is the answer. [...]

A Partridge in a Pear Tree


Posted by James Lane for Bounceback.com On the First Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me… Nothing. Because I'm single. The holidays are right around the corner, and those who are in relationships are busy hopping between department stores in search of the perfect tie clip or perfume bottle. And those that are single? Well, let's just say we are busy trying new cookie recipes and dressing our pets in Santa hats. Just Kidding. But, if I had a pet… Anyways, the month of December really makes being single difficult. …


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