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Savage Love Episode 320

Is there reasonable etiquette regarding the casual eating of pussy? A man refuses to go down on ladies he doesn’t know well. Does this make him an asshole?  When she was 14, she made up a violent rape and milked the lie for drama to her boyfriend at the time. Now they are friends and he still believes the story. How on earth can she come clean?  And just when you thought you’d heard it all, Dan counsels a soon-to-be grieving woman on which of her polyamorous partners she should bring to her father’s funeral. Humans be complicated.   [...]

8 Great Gifts for the Various Men in Your Life


If there's one thing we've learned from dating, it's that the men you encounter are all totally different… but they all probably like getting stuff. Here's a guide to some really interesting gifts for the dudes who serve different purposes in your life. Plus: Last-Minute Gift Idea: A Flickr Pro Subscription, for your Favorite Former Instagrammer The Ultimate First Date Guide: Everything You'd Ever Need to Know 23 Reasons to Date a Midwesterner

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7 Highly Annoying Habits of Men…But We Love Them Anyway


Photo by: iStock Photo Laughs Hysterically and Loudly Really? Is this episode of George Lopez really that funny? Haven't you seen it about two dozen times? Related: 10 things you should NEVER say to your husband…but probably do

Savage Love Episode 321

There’s a lot of cheating in this episode. Through the miracle of audio, you’ll experience the world through the eyes of a former cheater, an aspiring temptress and the judgmental sister of a home-wrecker.  And just to make sure you feel some feelings, Dan’s rant is about guns. And there’s a self-loathing pedophile in here too.  Call us up.  206-201-2720 This episode is brought to you by Audible. Download a free audio book of your choice today at AudiblePodcast.com/Savage 

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