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Two Girls – One Cup – Aaaaahhhhhhh The Joy of Girlfriends Enjoying Each Others Company :)


A friend who I have not chatted with in quite a while brought this video to my attention.

It had been more than a year since I chatted with this friend.  He’s a techy internet kinda guy and amulti-millionaire businessman too, so I thought he’d get a kick out of checking out this blog that I have created.

He likes the blog and he asked me, have you ever heard of 2girls1cup?  No I haven’t, I replied.  Then it dawned on me, there are probably millions of things we are unaware of until some one brings it to our [...]

Carmen and Sandra 2 – RedTube.com

This is a bizarrely wicked video that is just short of 20 minutes long.

It is high quality as most all Redtube.com videos are.

Carmen and Sandra are the epitome of modern day fuck slut whores.  Gorgeous.  Girl next door meticulous and foxy beautiful.  Pristine pedicures and manicures.  Pussy hair trimmed to artistic perfection.

In this day and age of multi-diversity and every cultural tangent in the world as a possibility, this blonde and dark haired young woman truly bring being a fuck slut whore to the peaked edge.

The black hair petite girl gets double anal fucked.  Yes two [...]

Granny Anal Compilation

What happens to the slender, lovely and beautiful legal teenager and young twenties woman who has grown to love anal sex, when she becomes an older woman?

She then becomes a woman in her 50′s and 60′s who still loves the anal sex of her youth.

This video is just short of 8 minutes long and is brought to us via xnxx.com.

The depicts a dozen or so women all in their fifties and beyond and they all seem to love a cock in their ass and cum on their lips and face.

They are all quite good looking and [...]

Reverse Cow Girl Riding – Material Girl Music Compilation

This is a fun 5 minute reverse cow girl compilation brought to us via Tube8.com.

It features Madonna speaking her truths of being a material girl.

These girls all get fucked good to the music of Madonna.

The video is short and sweet and all of the girls get it the same way.

They are gettin it in reverse cow girl.

The girl at the end of the video gets it best.

Click here and check it out. >>> http://www.tube8.com/fetish/music-compilation-reverse-riding-material-girl/5923731/ [...]

Older Man’s Love of Younger Women


During this festive holiday season, let us not forget what has kept Man young at heart.

Man is only as old as the woman he feels. This 93 year old man in the wheel chair is feeling a glorious age 18 right now!

Man preserves his fountain of youth via perpetually seeking the companionship of younger women.

Hath not man endured enough punishment in life to not bask in the glory that only a younger chickadee can offer him?

Does not Hugh Hefner have it right?

Leave the hags to that unfortunate bastard who’s stuck with his 50 year commitment. [...]

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