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Kayaking off Griffin Road and 441 – Near Hard Rock Casino

If ever you’ve visited Fort Lauderdale on vacation and went to the Hard Rock Casino, which is on 441 and between Stirling Road and Griffin road, you saw the higher end world of Hollywood / Fort Lauderdale.

More or less, the surrounding areas are old school Davie / Fort Lauderdale.  On 441, in the area of Griffin Road, the city is known as Davie.  From what I hear from old timers, 30 or 40 years ago, anything west of there was cattle fields and dirt roads.

On 441, just north of Griffin road, right around the intersection of Orange [...]

Tim Tebow and the Girl He was Not Humping are No Longer Not Humping Each Other

Aaaaahhhh the trials and tribulations of being a single male and leading the good Christian life style.

Odds are that after all of your years of celibacy, when you finally do marry the perfect Christian girl of your dreams, you will STILL have greater than a 50% chance of a divorce.  Yes your marriage will break up.

Not to be a downer, but the higher the expectation and surely the Christian life style is one of great expectations, the higher the chances of failure.

The more you put into some thing, the more pissed off you are when it does [...]

Up That Black Ass 2 – Two Pretty Black Girls Get it Good Anally

This is a very good 25 minute video brought to us via Tube8.com

The two women of this video have a pure wholesome beauty about themselves.

Their ear rings are gaudy and flashy like how many hot babes wear them.  The one girl has on gaudy thigh high stockings, yet has short trimmed finger nails that are the visual opposite.

Here is what is interesting, as the movie starts out, the producer explains how this girl is a vaginal virgin, but her ass hole is 100% fair game.  You know, that is the theory of Greek woman and how the [...]

Jesus Loves 100% of You…..

Mitt Romney cares for 53% of you.

Barack Obama cares for 100% of you.

Americans that is.

It’s kind of funny, but not funny at all, that the man who was a Mormon missionary, considered to be a pastor and a man of God, is some one who could care less about the 47% of people he feels will not vote for him and help him out in his selfish cause.  That cause is to prioritize the rich people of America.

Barack Obama, cares for ALL people.

Jesus cares for ALL people.

Mitt Romney cares for the 53% of [...]

Kayaking Near Rustic Inn – Dania Cut Off Canal – Fort Lauderdale

This area is so rich with history.  I did not put the kayak in the water in this specific area, but I know even land lubbers will recognize the land mark Rustic Inn Crab House restaurant which is as historic to this area as the Jungle Queen and Disney World are to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.

I actually put the kayak in the water at the public boat ramp that is off of SW 30th Ave and Griffin road.  It is a quite popular boat ramp that only locals would know about.  It is well off the beaten path and [...]

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