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Hand Job Techniques: Part One – Basic Skills For Him


click to view our handjob video We are turning up the heat here at Silvia-PornoStars.com with a revealing new series of videos intended to demonstrate some basic skills for pleasing your partner.

Handjobs were chosen for this series because we believe the hands’ versatility make them an exceptional sex tool capable of producing the most intense physical sexual response.

First up… six simple handjob strokes to leave him breathless and begging for more. If you see something new here, try adding it to your routine. If these strokes are already familiar to you, take this as a [...]

A Debt of Gratitude (Dick)


Freddy & Eddy

I recently sent a long overdue email.

As a blogger, I have come to appreciate the value (and rewards) of feedback. Out of the blue, I get private messages with personal stories of relationship successes and improved sexual experiences attributed to this website… they always surprise me.

It was my turn to share a personal experience, to share with the creator of another website how my life had been influenced by their work. I should have done this sooner.

Dear Ian and Alicia – Back in the summer of 2007, Jane and I went [...]

Storage Solution: Sex Toy Chest Doubles As Furniture (Dick)


We have a few sex toys, we have a few kids, and we had a small storage problem. We needed a place to keep our stuff, to separate products by material, and to spare nosy children from undue heebie jeebies.

Our solution was a slightly modified aquarium stand which now acts as bedroom furniture with securable compartments. It’s not the type of security that could thwart a determined thief, but it’s good enough for our purpose. Here’s what I did (click images to enlarge or you can also view these pictures as a slideshow)…

Our new bedroom [...]

Evidence Of A Good Night (Dick)


click to enlarge Sometimes it doesn’t hit me until the next day… how nice it is to have a partner willing to focus so intently on my pleasure.

Since August has been declared Anal Sex Month (by whom we do not know) I figured it was good timing to step out with a reminder for you guys that everyone has a butt. Expecting her to receive when you are also capable but unwilling hardly seems fair.

Of course, penetrating your ass does not provide her with any direct physical pleasure… there’s a lot of “giving” involved when [...]

Hot or Not Poll #5: From Behind (Dick)


By popular demand, we are pleased to present the continuation of our “Hot or Not Poll” series! We find these animated GIF’s while trolling Tumblr for the best couples erotica, if you want a little more back-story you should check out the first poll: Hot or Not Poll #1: Penis and Vagina.

This episode’s theme is “From Behind” and features couples… well, I don’t really need to explain it, do I? There is certainly kinkier sex to be found online, but these erotic couples scenes are all super hot, good luck picking your favorites!

I know you [...]

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