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A Discussion On Orgasms


Today"s featured video is A Discussion On Orgasms. While a male orgasm is seemingly the same in spite of the situation, the female orgasm has a range of intensities and types (clitoral, g-spot, vaginal). Here the women discuss the difference between reaching orgasm via masturbation and with a partner. watch video TO SEE MORE IMAGES AND THE FULL VIDEO CLICK HERE

Info. On Sexual "Breaking"


Today"s featured video is Info. On Sexual "Breaking". "Breaking" during sex involves the dominant partner working with the submissive partner until she/he becomes 100% vulnerable and puts their absolute trust in the other. It's an intense process for both. Here the ladies discuss … watch video

How To Masturbate


Today"s featured video is How To Masturbate. Not all women masturbate … and those that do, do so in a variety of ways. On this episode of Jamye Waxman talks about how to masturbate manually and provides tips and advice for reaching orgasm before the hand cramps begin! watch video

Casual Sex


Today"s featured video is Casual Sex. The reality of the booty call. Friends with benefits discussed. Can you handle the "impersonal" factor? External pressures? Is there satisfaction in a one night stand or sex without a relationship? For some the concept is easier said than done. watch video

Sex Positions We Don’t Like


Today"s featured video is Sex Positions We Don't Like. Many of us have sexual positions we like … and positions we don't. Sometimes it's because they don't feel good or don't help orgasm. Sometimes they take too much energy, or hurt. Here the women talk about positions they don't really like and why. watch video

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