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Sex and Coming For the First Time


Today"s featured video is Sex and Coming For the First Time. Orgasm, during sex is a great experience. But for many women it takes a lot of practice sleeping with men in order to get in the right space — physically and mentally — to orgasm. Here the Cherry TV women discuss coming/climaxing for the first time. watch video TO SEE MORE IMAGES AND THE FULL VIDEO CLICK HERE

Help With Boring Sex


Today"s featured video is Help With Boring Sex. It's inevitable, relationship sex, at times, becomes monotonous. The key is to ensure the routine doesn't become too difficult to break. In this clip the women discuss ways around it. Sure, it takes work, but a revitalized sex life is worth it watch video

How To Masturbate


Today"s featured video is How To Masturbate. Not all women masturbate … and those that do, do so in a variety of ways. On this episode of Jamye Waxman talks about how to masturbate manually and provides tips and advice for reaching orgasm before the hand cramps begin! watch video

How Masturbation Helps


Today"s featured video is How Masturbation Helps. How does masturbation help & why? What about it helps our sex lives? Masturbation is important because we learn how to get ourselves off. When we know how to reach orgasm on our own, can we teach our partner how to do it to us! watch video

Anal Sex Toys


Today"s featured video is Anal Sex Toys. Recently, anal sex has “come out of the closet” within the heterosexual world. Besides body parts, a lot of fun things can be used in our butts. Here Claire Cavanah of Babeland instructs us on the different types and styles of anal toys and how best to use them. watch video

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