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Women’s Idea of the Perfect Man Changes Drastically as They Age, Survey Says


Have you ever looked back at an ex-boyfriend and asked, how did I ever date that person when we were so obviously incompatible?It's not necessarily that you were incompatible . . . then. According to a survey conducted by Match.com over the past year, your tastes have simply changed over the years.Is your family keeping you single?Men must possess certain qualities to be considered "the perfect man," and those parameters change drastically as women age. In the survey, called "The Ages of Man," what women want from their relationships with men is broken down according to age range. …


16 Phrases All Guys Love to Hear


We spend so much time trying to figure out how to get through to the men in our lives that we figured, why not just ask? Next time you're ready for a little something different, trot out one of these man-approved lines and see where it gets you! By Holly Corbett, REDBOOK."I love when you drink beer and watch sports on the couch." – Steve L., 46"Dinner is ready!" – John M., 28"Let me wash the dishes." – Ant V., 38Related: 100 Gifts Under $50 for Everyone on Your List"Thank you for helping with the kids today." – Steve V., [...]

Three biggest challenges in a marriage

Author of “The Nine Phases Of Marriage” Susan Shapiro Barash identifies the three biggest challenges in a marriage and how to tackle them.

Will the Supreme Court Finally Weigh in on Gay Marriage?


The constitutionality of gay marriage remains up in the air…but not for long.

Geez, Another Holiday Party…By Myself

Going to holiday parties alone can be a challenge. But does it have to be?

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