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12 Things We Learned About Love in 2012


From Fifty Shades of Grey to William and Kate's royal romance, these are the best love stories of 2012. By Lauren Bradshaw, REDBOOK. We still want the fairy tale.On TV (Once Upon a Time) and in film (Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror, Mirror), we embraced badass princesses who require no saving from a guy on a horse. They win their happily-ever-after endings with grit and guts, which is actually how it works in real life.The anti-dote to couple over-share: William and KateOther celebrities–and us plebes–could learn a lot from the royal newlyweds. …


Keep it Simple: 8 Tips from Happily Married Couples


Photo by: Babble Don't Take Things too Seriously "I'm incredibly thankful for my husband. He's an amazing dad and he makes me laugh every single day. We've been together for 20 years, and married for 17, and my heart still does little flippity-flops when I see him. Plus, between the two of us, we're like one functioning adult." ~ Joslyn Related: Ask for alone time…and 9 other marriage tips worth listening to

10 Tips for Meeting the Parents Over the Holidays


by QuickieChick Laurel HouseYou've been going strong for months, years, or even mere weeks in some cases, and you are finally going to meet each others parents over the holiday. That's a pretty lofty step! One that can be simultaneously exciting, stressful, and fraught with expectations. By being prepared and planning ahead (even if that plan is only devised on the plane trip over) you can quickly take the edge off and make the meeting easy, and even fun for everyone!BEFORE YOU GO:1. Think about Staying at a HotelWhy? You are creating a space for some privacy and some couple [...]

Hey, Guys! Here’s What Women REALLY Want for Christmas


Okay, not to make a sweeping generalization here, but guys suck at presents. Calm down, I'm not talkin' bout all of y'all — some of you are actually seem to get into the whole process of searching for the perfect gift for your wives or girlfriends.

Should My Boyfriend Ask Permission to Marry Me?


Being nearly-engaged doesn't absolve you from wedding-related drama. Our experts weigh in on whether you need your dad's "OK" to say "I do," and more, in our daily wedding etiquette post. Related: Ten Things You Should Know About the First Year of Marriage

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