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Sex News: Anonymous slaps Hunter Moore, new Playboy HQ, another Apple fuckup


Fashion and beauty website Refinery29.com has posted photos that take viewers through the 44,780-square-foot office space of Playboy Enterprises, designed by architecture firm Wolcott Architecture | Interiors. Office Porn: Take Our Exclusive Tour Of Playboy’s Posh BH HQ! (Refinery29) In response to Revenge Porn King Hunter Moore‘s new HunterMoore.tv, a site that might make it much easier to locate, stalk and even harm anyone whose images are published there, Anonymous recently mounted #OpHuntHunter and #OpAntiBully, efforts to expose everything Mr. Moore hasn’t made public or doesn’t want the public to know. Anonymous Hacks HunterMoore.tv, Posts Everything Online [...]

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Sex Toy Review: Extase Elegance Vibrator [Video]

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Is Your Marriage In Trouble? Is Your Wife Saying, "It’s Not You, It’s Me"?

Frequently, husbands come to me AFTER their wife doesn’t want to talk to them, rejects any form of touch or intimacy, and indicates that she feels a need to go “sort out her thoughts and find herself” in some place where her husband is NOT.

Typically, these husbands come to me in a state of “shock” because although they knew their marriage wasn’t all that great, they thought it was ok enough to continue on.

But, not for their wife – for the wife, the marriage is no longer suitable enough to continue. The wife is no longer willing to [...]