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3 Christmas Role Play Sex Games That Will Make Santa Rethink His List! [Video]

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How To Choose The BEST Lube!

Lube comes in all different kinds, consistencies, flavors and formulas. Here’s how to select the best one for what you’re going to be doing.

You’ve decided to go ahead and get some lube, but there are so many different kinds out there that it’s completely overwhelming! What kind do you get? How much money do you have to spend? Should you get one, two or four bottles? Should you get different kinds or stock up on one kind? Here’s what you want to know about what kind of lube to get for what you want to use it for.

Water [...]

Stephen Elliott’s unusual, darkly funny Kickstarter for Happy Baby

Set aside your Kickstarter fatigue for a minute and take a look at a very unusual – and well done – Kickstarter for a project I really hope gets its funding: Happy Baby, the Movie (by Stephen Elliott). It also happens to be the project of someone I admire very much, and with whom I share a warm friendship and a similarly insane past.

Happy Baby is going to be an indie movie based on one of Stephen Elliott‘s novels of the same name, which the New York Times said was, as “Surely the most beautiful novel [...]

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I was dong a general search of GRANNY.  Was just in the mood to watch some older woman have sex.  I came across this 26 minute video on Tube8.com

I watched the first half minute or so and despite the two woman in the video looking quite attractive, I was gonna pass on it.  Then I fast forwarded to about 12 minutes in and the scene was the younger woman anal fisting the hot older blonde.  The scene was sooo hot that I decided to watch the whole video from the beginning again.

The blonde kinda has that Prnicess Diana [...]