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Taking the concept of ‘first time’ to a new level…

It’s a first for The Virginity Project and I’m surprised it’s taken this long. Today’s story comes from a man who was born a woman. Throw the prospect of virginity loss into the mix and there’s an interesting, if poignant story. As if losing virginity by itself were not complicated enough…I wish ‘Adrian’ the very best on a big journey of discovery.

On another – not unrelated – note, The Guardian runs a feature I wrote today on the subject of people who ‘have not found love’. When I was first offered the commission, I almost turned it down [...]

All out Fucking


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Polyamory – It’s Not Just for Baby Boomers Anymore

In his most recent entry at Polyamory in the News, Alan quotes a college student: ”Every time I turn around, I feel like more of my peers are entering open relationships.” A 30-something family member of mine said the very same to me just a few days ago.  Then Alan gives us a rundown of the latest poly news from college campuses.  He also includes the following quote and comment: “This is my poly dream: that every college student in America will know the word polyamory and what it means within five years.” So declared Diana Adams at a Loving More conference 4¼ years ago. Since then, [...]

The Dragonfly Sleeve

Today i shared with you my recent experience with the Japanese art of rope bondage.

I found this video on youtube along with many others that may help you in your quest for learning more about the beautiful and naughty art of bondage play.

This video shows how to tie a knot very similar to the knot attempted by me and my partner.

(Image shown in my last post- Bondage rope for beginners)


 The knot is called the Dragon fly sleeve and it is demonstrated in this video by the Knotty boys.

 WantDesire.com has many items available to enhance [...]

Dear Father God…..

Thank you for this day that thee Lord hath made.

Let us be glad and rejoice in it.

Thank you dear Lord that you have NOT blessed me with a wife.

I woke up free this morning with no bondage of being stuck with a woman and all kinds of devious plans to get rid of her like Scott Peterson did with Laci Peterson >>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_of_Laci_Peterson and their unborn son Conner.

Thank you Lord for having that Christian girl neighbor be lonely and instead of her seeking to be faithfully celibate and trust upon the Lord for all of her needs [...]