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Don’t Miss These Erogenous Zones During Sex

Sex doesn’t have to be all about the genitals. Check out these other erogneous zones the next time you have sex and she’ll go wild!

1. Legs

Play with them, raise them to the high heavens, spread them far & wide, run your hands up and down their lengths – they are yours to be enjoyed.

And did I just hear foot fetish?

If you have a thing for feet, then help yourself to multiple servings of oven fresh toes. Offer them a combo of sucking, licking and biting. The warmth of your sucks, tickle of your licks and [...]

Man Man Beaver (No, not THAT kind of beaver!)

Man Man Beaver is a new web-based animated series described as follows:  “Following California’s legalization of gay marriage and, logically then [because the slippery slope argument really is logical as to rights of consenting adult human beings, and we poly people are fine with that], every conceivable sexual pairing and so called perversion, a ‘couple’ comprised of two gay men and man-sized, talking beaver relocate into the state to finally live openly and take on idiocy and narrow-minded buffoonery each week…all while surviving the unique challenges of their married life. An animated satire series.”

Check it out and let me know [...]

This blonde got it on


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5 Sex Tips From Couples Who Do It All The Time

Sex doesn’t have to get boring when you’re in a relationship. Here’s how couples who do it all the time keep sex fresh AND hot!

Having sex a lot during a long-term relationship can be a sign that you’re doing something right. However if the sex has suddenly stopped working as been on the decline for a little while it’s hard not to wonder what happened. Couples around the country judge their relationship based on how many times they have sex in a week.

While a lot of sex could be sign of a healthy relationship, there could still be [...]

“Seductress” Erotic Reading Book Review

Posted from Silvia-PornoStars.com – Sex Toy Reviews “Seductress” Erotic Reading Book Review

“Seductress“, a new Cleis Press erotica anthology edited by D. L. King, has the tagline “Erotic Tales of Immortal Desire”. Instead of being about the general “vampire” craze of the moment, though, Seductress is all based around the demon “succubus”. 205 pages long with 21 various short stories, “Seductress” is a collection of sexual adventures [...]

Posted from Silvia-PornoStars.com – Sex Toy Reviews “Seductress” Erotic Reading Book Review