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Is it rude to give your partner tips on how to please you?

Q: If you are looking for more excitement during sex with your partner, is it wrong to ask him to do something that turns you on? To him, it’s a turn off and he gives up on sex completely.

When he wants sex, which is almost everyday, I’m not as thrilled cause he’s a quick cummer. I try to boost my energy so we can try but I don’t get turned on by just seeing naked people. For him I just take off my clothes and he’s hard. I try to ask him to do a few simple things [...]

Anal Sex Toys


Today"s featured video is Anal Sex Toys. Recently, anal sex has “come out of the closet” within the heterosexual world. Besides body parts, a lot of fun things can be used in our butts. Here Claire Cavanah of Babeland instructs us on the different types and styles of anal toys and how best to use them. watch video

School sports

My mental storylines about girls being punished after school sports have always involve them being wet, bedraggled, muddy. Think rugby, cross-country running… Think supervised showers, followed by sound whackings in the changing rooms with the sports master’s plimsoll.

A long walk in sub-zero temperatures the other day provoked a different idea. Girls in short hockey skirts, freezing in the wind on a sub-zero day. Made to stand with hands on head in the dressing room at the end of the game. Caned on their ever-so-cold thighs. And then sent to strip and shower.

I’m wondering, though, about the effectivenss of [...]

Lola Naughty Adultery

Duration: 26:54 Keywords: latin big ass small tits

Wanton Wednesday – Mirror


Ms. Lilly (creator and host of Wanton Wednesday) called me out on Twitter this morning, mentioning my absence from Wanton Wednesday and wondering if I would play today. How could I NOT after that? Especially since she’s celebrating the 2nd anniversary of WW. I’m so glad she created this fun and sexy space for us to share ourselves each week. Without further ado, here are a couple of shots from the fun we had this evening.







Want to play along or see who else is being Wanton this week?


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