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9 Mistakes That Will Make Her Never Want To Have Sex With You Again

Sex isn’t as cut and dry as you might think it is. Make any one of these nine sex mistakes and you can guarantee she won’t want to do it again – EVER.

You just had sex with her. Congratulations! You got laid! But will you get laid by her again? The answer is, it depends. On what? How well you rocked her world and how many sexual mistakes you made. What kind of mistakes?

What She Said About Bad Sex:

It’s really not fair what women put men through. I will admit we are a lot of work, [...]

New ‘porn for women’ site Bright Desire


Introducing the newest indie porn for women (and men, and couples) website, Bright Desire. (Congrats!) With a pro-porn, feminist webmistress from Australia, Bright Desire is a refreshing entry into our porn galaxy.

The site has an uncluttered and tasteful aesthetic, with a start featuring adult film favorites (such as Adrianna Nicole and new Australian adult performer Viola Turtle Dove) and amateurs alike. Friend, colleague, and fellow ‘porn for women’ activist Ms. Naughty describes her exciting new paysite best, saying:

The aim is to move beyond the old cliches, boundaries and negativity of standard, old-style pornography and to [...]

Independence and Guilt

I’m a sub, but I’m also a pretty independent person. I think you have to be to truly be a good sub. I mean, what’s the fun of dominating someone who will be submissive to anyone in any part of life? Part of the appeal of D/s, at least for Cash and I, is that I belong to Cash. I’m not submissive to anyone else, in the bedroom or out.

But I digress. What I really want to talk about today is my independence and how that has led to me feeling really, really guilty.

Cash is coming home. [...]

Paz Vega – Carmen


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Best Orgasm Tips Of 2012

Giving your partner an orgasm is often the highlight of sex. Great orgasms can enhance your sex life and create more intimacy between you and your lover – and of course, awesome orgasms make sex HOT! Learn how to give your lover EXPLOSIVE orgasms with the best orgasm tips of this year!

3 Incredible Tactics To Give Her A Powerful, Earth Shaking Orgasm!

How To Give Women Multiple Orgasms EASILY

How To Please A Man From Head To Toe

How To REALLY Please Her In Bed

6 Ways To Tell If A Woman Is Faking Orgasm

How To Have Great [...]

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