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Thank you Babeland – Lelo’s Smart Wand #filthyblackfriday


Babeland sent me a little something to make my holiday weekend more interesting. The win this round by very generously sending me the waterproof Smart Wand by Lelo. I haven’t tried it yet, but if it’s what I think it is – a small silicone Hitachi with multiple speeds – I’ll be putting this on my top ten gift list for you this year. But in black, not purple. Mine is purple. But that’s okay because I won’t be taking it outside.

I always hate this holiday and the next ones, what with the whole no family [...]

More and Better Sex – 8 Tips for Men

1. The more emotional pain a woman carries, the less she wants to be touched in her private areas. And, unless a woman has a man who completes her, she IS carrying emotional pain – it’s just a matter of what degree. Most women do NOT have such a man. That means you have a huge opportunity…

2. Take the judgment out of sex. Forget about questions like, “Did I do it right?” or “Was that good for you?” or “How do I feel / look?” Instead, make it a time of connecting, exploring, and experimenting. Make it a time [...]

anjelica lauren


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Why do some men like feet?

I found this interesting video on youtube and i thought that i would share it with you. The video is a clip of a documentary describing the science of why, and how some can men develop a foot fetish.. along with other fetishes as well.

Though the clip seems a bit dated, it really explains a lot so check it out!

I must warn you though.. it may make you want to take out a bottle of massage oil and rub someones wigglys…  WantDesire.com has all the best stuff to pamper any pair of feet in just the right way!


Weekend Away in the City – Part 2 (Dick)


click to enlarge It takes batteries but it doesn’t vibrate, it doesn’t penetrate anything and I can’t stick my dick in it, but I have an unlikely new toy that is climbing the ranks on my short list of favorite sex toys. My camera.

Jane and I escaped family life for a sexy weekend away, we weren’t far from home mileage-wise but we got there on our bikes, so the 15 miles was enough to create a sense of isolation from home. We relied on our feet to take us out to eat and to shop, the slower [...]

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