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Slow Words at Midnight


Sleep eludes me. The humidity is high tonight; the air stifling and heavy with heat. Auckland in the heart of summer breathes moisture, and that same dampness has kept me awake when I should be sleeping.

So I have risen, leaving Apollo to slumber. I sit quietly at the keyboard, desk fan whirring beside me and a glass of milk cooling my throat. One cat keeps me company, resting on the chair beside me, while the other is out prowling the neighbourhood, making his mark and claiming his territory.

These are dreaming hours, but I slumbered long this morning [...]

The Wicked Wahine: A Supernatural Story

An innocent tourist stumbles across a shabby little bar in Hawaii where he meets a handful of Asian witches who do the strangest thing to his dick…

Amateur stripgirl turns on her BF


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Naughty Milf Roxy Cock Sucks


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Urinary Tract Infections and Stress Incontinence

I regularly get a great newsletter from Mary O’Dwyer of Hold It Sister.

This quarter, there are articles on the over-treatment of Urinary Tract Infections

This is an ailment from which I have suffered a lot over the years. I never really got to the bottom of it, so to speak, but regular sex did [...]

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