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Should You Date Someone Who Still Lives With Their Parents?

Should you date a person who still lives with their parents, or should you call the date off without getting to know them? What is the right thing to do?

You’ve met someone. You like them. They like you. You really hit it off. But there’s a small problem. They live at home. With their parents. And they aren’t in college anymore. Should you date them? Should you kick them to the curb?

What She Said About The Date:

Yes, but if it is a temporary living situation. Lots of men (and women) are forced to move back in [...]

Red Bull Gives You What? (Dick)


original image found here Jane was in a haze. She arrived home from an overnight shift just in time to leave again for a kids’ soccer game followed by a track meet. It was more than 24 hours since she had slept and her eyes were beginning to roll around in her head. Fatigue can feel like inebriation and Jane was getting there fast.

On the soccer field sidelines, I set down my folding chair next to Jane’s and asked her to hold my can of Red Bull while I got settled. As I unfolded my chair I [...]

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