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my granny friend


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Why We Love Missionary


Today”s featured video is Why We Love Missionary. When one thinks about “sex,” man on top may come to mind first. It’s often the way intercourse starts and ends. But do women like it? Does it enable orgasm and provide the intimacy desired? Here the women discuss, and give advice, on missionary. watch video

The Man With the Dragon Tattoo


So I’m hanging around Facebook last night while my wife was stuck on the phone with a drama-prone relative and I started surfing through people’s photo albums. With too much time on my hands I wound up somewhere around a friend of a friend of a friend’s album, and ran across this:

While the artwork itself is stellar, I couldn’t help but cringe. I had to convince myself that it was just paint, not a real lay-there-with-a needle-pecking-away-at-your-parts tattoo, in order to keep my own gear from crawling up into the vicinity of my bladder. Yeah, it must just [...]

Polyamory Leadership Network

Over the last three years, the Polyamory Leadership Network has evolved into a very active entity, however loosely organized.  It includes people from around the world who make some kind of contribution toward raising awareness of polyamory and supporting those who live poly lives.  Basically its members make whatever contribution they wish to make without red tape approval processes.  There is no board of directors, because we poly people are an independent, ornery bunch, don’tchaknow, none of us being especially inclined to answer to authority. 

But seriously, check out the PLN website, and if you are someone who [...]

Hot Facial Bukkake


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