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Kayaking and Meditating on the Water

I decided to do some kayaking today.  It’s my latest vice to bring me back to nature, peacefulness and tranquility.  In the Fort Lauderdale / Broward county area, there are sooo many places to put your kayak in the water and paddle around checking out the sights.  It all depends upon what you are in the mood for.  Want to see city living and hustle and bustle on the water?  Put your kayak in at Cooley’s landing which is just south of Broward Blvd, on 7th Ave. (Google search it for more info)  Paddle east and you will see [...]

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Winning Phone Flirting Techniques

Flirting can be intimidating when you’re on the phone, because you can’t see the other person’s face or read their body language. Here’s how to pull it off.

Remember, flirting on the phone only allows you to use 45 percent of your potential flirting power, so the quicker you end the phone call and see the woman in person, the better.

The best strategy is to create a sense of occupied urgency. This is not manipulative, but rather a favorable situation to end the phone call and allow the attraction to grow by flirting with her in person.

Create A [...]

Lass Suicide by John Lou Miles


Fucking corndogs: how do they work?!?

Since I’m just sitting here watching the article I just wrote hitting newswires, I felt I should share with you what else is in my tabs: Lass Suicide by John Lou Miles. There’s other good stuff in my tabs but I think these links will keep you busy for a minute.

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