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Romney’s Binders Full of Women: All My Wives


“Binders Full of Women”  memes might be the internet’s biggest takeaway from last night’s Obama Romney debate.  (Mitt’s language skills certainly leave something to be desired!)  So naturally someone connected a couple of dots and came up with a Mitt binder labeled “All My Wives,” Mitt being Mormon and all, not that he actually has more than one wife.  That we know of.  Still, I prefer Polygamy Porter’s long-time marketing approach. “Why Have Just One! Bring Some Home to the Wives!”(That’s Joseph Smith there in the beard.) But back to those binders full of women.  For sheer laughs, I enjoyed these especially.  [...]


Oh my word!

Last night, my teen came in as I was viewing some blogs, so I closed down the top one with the naughty pictures and started to have a conversation with her.

Then I realised that she was staring over my shoulder at my screen.

There, in glorious technicolour, was my own description of [...]

‘Werewolves’, revisited


Compare and contrast:

“Dances with Werewolves”. A spanking memoir by Niki Flynn – a long-standing favourite, still highly recommended – of which I was reminded when writing yesterday’s post about “50 Shades”. “Dances with Werewolves”. A $10m budget Hollywood horror movie about Confederate Prisoners of War (go figure!), due (according to IMDB) to be released next year.

Oh, how I hope at least a few people looking for the “book of the film” end up stumbling onto the pages listing Niki’s book instead!


Crisis at Christmas – a request for support

One of our friends in the scene, Amy Hunter, is setting a wonderful example to us all by helping out this Christmas with Crisis, the charity that assists homeless people. As part of this, she’s trying to raise money for this hugely worthwhile cause, and has already gathered over £375. As she explains on her fundraising page:

“I, along with many other awesome people, will be volunteering time this Christmas season at guest centres with Crisis, to try and make some of London’s homeless people feel some of the companionship and support we sometimes take for granted at a difficult [...]

The empty office

My hotel room in Manhattan for the first couple of nights of my stay, before EJ arrived in town, looked out across the street at a disused office block. When I woke at 5am, there were still lights on in the building, a few forlorn items of office furniture dotted at random around the large expanses of open space.

Just the sort of place, I realised, for the gentlemen to take a girl for their little, long-overdue discussion. To tie her over one of the desks; to give her a final chance to tell them what she knew; to cane [...]

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