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Kayaking and Meditating on the Water

I decided to do some kayaking today.  It’s my latest vice to bring me back to nature, peacefulness and tranquility.  In the Fort Lauderdale / Broward county area, there are sooo many places to put your kayak in the water and paddle around checking out the sights.  It all depends upon what you are in the mood for.  Want to see city living and hustle and bustle on the water?  Put your kayak in at Cooley’s landing which is just south of Broward Blvd, on 7th Ave. (Google search it for more info)  Paddle east and you will see [...]

The view from the canteen

The course I ran in the Netherlands on Tuesday took place in a recently-converted high school. I was somewhat distracted, as you can imagine.

Of most interest was the colleague’s office which boasted floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the former canteen. It was easy to imagine that this had been the headmaster’s office…

On the rare occasion that a girl was to be caned, she’d be called up to see him after lunch; those still eating would be able to look up and see her being lectured. The curtains would then be drawn; they’d wince knowing what was happening, and breath a [...]

Big Busty Handjob

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The Right Way To Break Up With Someone

A break up isn’t fun for either partner, but sometimes it’s just necessary. Here’s how to break up with someone the right way & minimize hurt feelings.

What She Said About The Right Way To Break Up:

Breaking up is never easy but if you want to do it the “right” way you need to be completely honest with the other person. This honesty needs to happen face to face also. So don’t be the ass who broke up with someone via text or email. I don’t care if the relationship was short lived, be respectful and end it like [...]

ovunque, ma qui

The wood is wet. Sadly, this is not a euphemism. The wood is wet despite my purchasing of a large, sturdy and reinforced tarp the exact color of the Green Bay Packers. It’s wet despite my diligent carting of it via wheelbarrow down the steep, stony incline to the villa. It’s wet despite my careful stacking of it in neat piles according to shape and size on the villa’s porch. It’s wet despite my thoughtful piling of it next to—but not too near to—the tiny fireplace that burns said wood, my sole source of heat in this stony Tuscan lonesome. 


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