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Why Some Auto Mechanics Suck

When I say suck, I am not referring to them giving blow jobs.

The purpose of me sharing this is not to out any one individual mechanic.  The purpose to the share the truth as to why some mechanics are cheating scum bags.  This can also apply to doctors, dentists,  police officers, air conditioning repair men, cable TV installers….. in effect any one. <<< she’s a cute mechanic !

For this illustration, I am going to use the true story of a mechanic I used to go to.  He is still in business and YOU still have opportunity to [...]

Pumpkin Pie vs Sweet Potato Pie

I feel I was deceived.   I blame my self on the deception though.

Our local budget supermarket, which goes by the name Aldi, has a stack of pies at the check out lane.  Those pies look quite appetizing, especially around this holiday time of year.  They were only three bucks each and as is the hope of the supermarket marketing strategy of placing a stack of items near the check out lane, I bought one.

What’s the problem you ask?

Well, not until after the pie was at home and 2/3 eaten via my self, did I glance at [...]

Oye Loca Alexis Love full


Duration: 29:22 Keywords: Oye Loca Alexis Love straight

she was a young american

Sorry to those of you who enjoy the sound of my voice. There's no audio for this piece because I don't do accents.

So, I ask him, how does it feel to be written about?

He narrows his eyes at me and does that thing with his shoulders and his mouth, that particularly Italian gesture where his lower lip and his shoulders make this twin parabolic arc, two parentheses echoing one another. He sets his fork down on his plate next to the brown bits and blubs of rabbit.

“You want to know?” He asks. He’s got these blue eyes. [...]

tia sweets bangbros full


Duration: 43:31 Keywords: tia sweets ass

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