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Bob’s Wife Cheated On Him…And What YOU Need To Learn From Bob!

Fellow husband, are you falling short in satisfying and fulfilling your wife? I’m wondering this because I see the same “pattern” emerge again and again when a wife cheats on her husband.

As someone who does extensive research into marriage relationships, I frequently get to interact with men whose wife has cheated on them. And, what’s interesting is that these men “thought” they knew their wife…they thought they knew what she wanted…and what she liked and didn’t like…and who she really was. But, when these men contrasted what they “knew” with what their wife and her lover actually DID, [...]

Everything’s Coming Up Lavender


This week’s Toy With He Tuesday photos were inspired by a happy little mistake our son made when he was trying to be helpful. He apparently forgot that you can’t just grab an armload of clothes out of the hamper at random and cram them all in the washing machine together. As a result of my favorite white lingerie mingling with some of his and Alan’s T-shirts, I wound up with lavender lingerie. I couldn’t bring myself to yell at him though. It’s a beautiful even shade, and it matches my Layaspot! Now if only we could figure out what [...]

Lelo Ella and Soju Sugar Comparison Review

Ella | Sugar Drop | WantDesire | Sex Toys

Porn Review: Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex 2


I absolutely loved the first Rough Sex so I had high expectations when I heard the second video in the series was coming out. Luckily Rough Sex 2 did not disappoint in the least. In fact, it was kinkier and sexier than the first one!

Just like the original, Rough Sex 2 features performers that get to design their own scenarios and specifically request to work with their partner(s) in the scene, centering the idea of rough sex on choice and consent. Being able to see the negotiation between the participants, as we are with most scenes, is really [...]

Rori Asks: Have You Ever Been Part of a Threesome?

Every Tuesday I ask a question so we can all answer it! My answer is written in the post, and you can tell everyone your answer with a comment – or feel free to write your own blog post about the topic and link to it in the comments below! Read more Rori Asks posts here.

This Week’s Question: Have you ever been part of a threesome?

Threesomes come in several varieties. They can be all male or all female. They can have two men or two women. The people in the threesome can be straight, gay, or [...]

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