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Should You Date Someone Who Still Lives With Their Parents?

Should you date a person who still lives with their parents, or should you call the date off without getting to know them? What is the right thing to do?

You’ve met someone. You like them. They like you. You really hit it off. But there’s a small problem. They live at home. With their parents. And they aren’t in college anymore. Should you date them? Should you kick them to the curb?

What She Said About The Date:

Yes, but if it is a temporary living situation. Lots of men (and women) are forced to move back in [...]

Hot tanned brunette in stockings

Very sexy tanned brunette female dancer teases on webcam.

Smoking And Sucking 3


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Tablet Blogging

What can inspire a blogger who hasn’t blogged in months to open the old wordpress? An app on the Nook,of course.

Yes. This is just a test. Sorry! I truly suck.

Up That Black Ass 2 – Two Pretty Black Girls Get it Good Anally

This is a very good 25 minute video brought to us via Tube8.com

The two women of this video have a pure wholesome beauty about themselves.

Their ear rings are gaudy and flashy like how many hot babes wear them.  The one girl has on gaudy thigh high stockings, yet has short trimmed finger nails that are the visual opposite.

Here is what is interesting, as the movie starts out, the producer explains how this girl is a vaginal virgin, but her ass hole is 100% fair game.  You know, that is the theory of Greek woman and how the [...]