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3 Sex Positions That Will Leave Her Shaken With Delight

Sex positions are the key to incredible sex. Use these three titillating moves to turn her on and totally rock her world TONIGHT!

The trouble with most guys when it comes to having sex is that they are boring and stick to the same old routines and sex positions that get them off quickly. Sadly this leaves little room for a woman’s sexual fulfillment. But if you are willing to add a little excitement and variety to your sex positions, you could accelerate and accentuate a woman’s ability to enjoy sex and even have an orgasm. And I have [...]

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Alana and Michael were lingering in the shower, but Natalie didn’t mind, seeing as she was using the time to get things perfectly set up in the bedroom. The bed was stripped, the lighting good, and the tripod was assembled. She grinned as she mounted the camcorder, but something told her that it wouldn’t stay there for long. Natalie was planning on plenty of close-ups.

Her lovers emerged from the bathroom in a cloud of steam a few moments later, and both of them grinned as they saw the way the bedroom had been prepared. “I’m not sure I’m [...]

Eye Candy: A Pretty Porn Quickie


My favorite boy-girl pairing at Sex Art is back in action – here’s a new gallery with Tobias and Subil.

Previously, previously.

Bobbi Starr Unidas pelo Sexo


Duration: 31:49 Keywords: Bobbi Starr Latina Brasil Sex Anal Hardcore Blowjo

8 Signs You’re in Relationship Trouble

Things started out great with you and your guy, but now … not so much. Is it time to end this relationship? Read the signs to find out if you’re in relationship trouble.