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A Debt of Gratitude (Dick)


Freddy & Eddy

I recently sent a long overdue email.

As a blogger, I have come to appreciate the value (and rewards) of feedback. Out of the blue, I get private messages with personal stories of relationship successes and improved sexual experiences attributed to this website… they always surprise me.

It was my turn to share a personal experience, to share with the creator of another website how my life had been influenced by their work. I should have done this sooner.

Dear Ian and Alicia – Back in the summer of 2007, Jane and I went [...]

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Moments Men Remember When the Relationship Ends

When I think of ex-girlfriends, I tend to remember the moments of awkward beauty more than anything else. What men remember from past relationships may surprise you…


Oh my word!

Last night, my teen came in as I was viewing some blogs, so I closed down the top one with the naughty pictures and started to have a conversation with her.

Then I realised that she was staring over my shoulder at my screen.

There, in glorious technicolour, was my own description of [...]

How Can I Get My Wife To Be More Loving And Sexual?

I don’t mean to do it…really, I don’t…but it seems to happen anyway…usually, right after I name nonsense for what it really is. For instance, a man recently said the following to me:

“I adore my wife. She is 100% perfect even if she is not because I LOVE HER! I tell her every day how much she means to me. I let her know exactly how I feel about her. Because I TRULY love her, I don’t have any expectation of my wife. When she is acting like a child, I don’t see any less of a woman than [...]

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