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Savage Love Episode 319

Lesbians! Have you noticed that wherever you go you run into your lover’s ex and your friends are all the same and there’s only one lesbian bar in town? Thought so.  The continuum of culpability; when is infidelity a misdemeanor and when is it a felony?  When underpants = biohazard: A frolicsome lass had a super-hot time with a lad involving her underpants. Now, she wants to keep them as a memento, but worries the magic will eventually disappear or …worse. Whatever should she do? 

As always, Dan has the answer.  206-201-2720 This podcast is brought to you by [...]

Jesus Loves 100% of You…..

Mitt Romney cares for 53% of you.

Barack Obama cares for 100% of you.

Americans that is.

It’s kind of funny, but not funny at all, that the man who was a Mormon missionary, considered to be a pastor and a man of God, is some one who could care less about the 47% of people he feels will not vote for him and help him out in his selfish cause.  That cause is to prioritize the rich people of America.

Barack Obama, cares for ALL people.

Jesus cares for ALL people.

Mitt Romney cares for the 53% of [...]

How To Have A Bad First Date

A bad first date will ensure you never see the person you went out with again. Follow this sage advice for a really terrible, awkward first date!

You made a mistake. This person seemed great online, or when you met them at a bar, or maybe your friends tried setting you up with someone who is “totally right for you” only for you to find out that they’re totally wrong for you. You could just end the date, but you don’t want to. You’d rather just make the first date so bad that they never want to see you again. [...]

Sex and Heart Attacks

It’s the usual story, man trades in wife of thirty years for trophy model and then has heart attack on the job. And this theory was propounded by a study back in March that suggested physical activity like sex could make you three times more likely to have a heart attack in the hours [...]

Sex and Coming For the First Time


Today"s featured video is Sex and Coming For the First Time. Orgasm, during sex is a great experience. But for many women it takes a lot of practice sleeping with men in order to get in the right space — physically and mentally — to orgasm. Here the Cherry TV women discuss coming/climaxing for the first time. watch video

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