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Please Move the Deer Crossing Sign !

This is a four minute You Tube video.

A woman is calling into a radio station to explain how deer crossing signs need to be moved to places where deer might be more comfy to cross a road.  The woman is totally serious.

It is kinda cute and reminds me of when I was in my mid teens and had to inform girls, who were my age, that if you had sex standing up, they couldn’t get pregnant cause sperm can’t travel up wards.

Aaaahhhhh if that ploy didn’t work you could always convince them of the truth that [...]

Rope marks

I’ve been doing quite a bit of rope stuff over the last few months. A new friend of mine has been giving me some rope pointers, and has also been practicing his tying and suspension skills on me.

I’ve decided that my skin gets marked up fairly easily. The marks may be a little troublesome – my mother saw them and instantly guessed what they were, though she feigned ignorance for a while – but I like them a lot. They remind me of the good feelings that come from being tied, so every time I catch a glimpse of [...]

Info. On Sexual "Breaking"


Today"s featured video is Info. On Sexual "Breaking". "Breaking" during sex involves the dominant partner working with the submissive partner until she/he becomes 100% vulnerable and puts their absolute trust in the other. It's an intense process for both. Here the ladies discuss … watch video

Kinky Amazon

The other day there was a knock on the door from a delivery driver, asking whether I’d mind signing for an Amazon box for the young couple who live opposite. Not a problem, of course.

I couldn’t help but snigger, though. See, it’s rare that a shipment arrives for me from Amazon without at least one naughty item inside – a book, perhaps, or a more interesting and practical accessory of some description. So to my sub-conscious, Amazon deliveries equal kinky fun.

As a result, I couldn’t help but wonder what my neighbours had purchased, and what the ever-so-cute lass [...]

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