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Surround Yourself With High Character People

This is a simple concept but one I’ve found that is adding a lot of value to my life. In the last year or so I’ve been consciously surrounding myself with men and women that I consider high character. At the same time I’ve been shedding my low character relationships. This is creating more opportunity and bringing a lot more love and value to my life. It’s presenting professional opportunities and options for growth. If you’re not already doing this, I recommend starting on this project now.

One of the sports clubs I belong to is filled with hundreds [...]

Hot-caring, hot-cruel

Is there anything more appealing than a well-marked girl – her recent beating suggesting a certain vulnerability that manages to be, frankly, incredibly hot.

Yet that can work in two very different ways for me. There’s hot-caring: a beaten girl needing comfort, re-assurance, being taken to bed for passionate but gentle fun (mindful of not hurting her further if possible).

Or there’s hot-cruel: rough, forceful, reminding her of each and every stripe and of the ordeal she’s just been through. Indeed, hot-cruel might even be *part* of the punishment in some scenes, where a girl needs to be abused and [...]

merry4fun – Her Biggest Cock


Duration : 350 seconds Keywords: big-cock,merry4fun,monster,schwanz,extreme,penetration,user,gross,german,deutsch,amateur,homemade

BabyGotBoobs Yurizan Beltran Casting Couch


Duration: 32:31 Keywords: bigtitis

ovunque, ma qui

The wood is wet. Sadly, this is not a euphemism. The wood is wet despite my purchasing of a large, sturdy and reinforced tarp the exact color of the Green Bay Packers. It’s wet despite my diligent carting of it via wheelbarrow down the steep, stony incline to the villa. It’s wet despite my careful stacking of it in neat piles according to shape and size on the villa’s porch. It’s wet despite my thoughtful piling of it next to—but not too near to—the tiny fireplace that burns said wood, my sole source of heat in this stony Tuscan lonesome. 


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