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Party like its 19 2012

Oh my lord, I’m bored. Of this story. Not just this story specifically but the entire energetic balance of this debacle. You’d think Kristen Stewart was the first and only 22 year old woman in the world ever to make a mistake. I’m not suggesting we all go out and have an affair with a married man. It’s not funny or cool or nice for the people who are involved. But strangely, most people do not set out to maliciously hurt people when they embark on such actions.

Yes, if you live in the public eye, you must ‘die’ [...]

Dancing On Water


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Because I Need This Song Today, and Maybe You Do Too

If you deal with depression, this can be a very powerful song. If you don’t…this can still be a very powerful song. Thank you, Jenny, for reminding me how much I need it, especially on days like today.

Fuck yes. I am exactly the person that I want to be.

Desi Naina With Hot Vikki


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Older Mommy Fucks Younger Guy


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