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How do I deal with my girthy penis?

Q: My penis has too much girth. Erect, it’s a little less than 6 inches in circumference, but none of my girlfriends has ever been comfortable with it. Especially now that my current partner has had menopause. I’m wondering if there’s a special condom that restricts circumference but not length. I expect not, but perhaps there’s something else to do about it. Nothing gruesome, most of the time I like it the way it is.

A: Even if your penis is too thick to be comfortable for your partners at first, there are indeed things you can do to [...]

Intriguing Reading #43



Your vagina is not a car: “Listen, it’s simple ladies. If you drive your vagina around and leave it double parked on a dark street with the keys dangling in the ignition and an apple pie on the dashboard, how can you expect someone not to amble past and just take it?” (Clementine Ford / Daily Life)

Musings on my Gender-Neutral Childhood: “ I had a lot of handmade toys, made by my parents or their artsy friends, and whatever hand-me-downs had escaped the grubby grasps of my male cousins – these had to be pretty tough and [...]

MILF and Teen Blow Job Compilation

This is a 27 minute video brought to us via Alphaporno.com.

It depicts a dozen or so scenes in which primarily older attractive women, aka mothers I’d like to fuck, are sucking a younger guys cock.

Often times there is a teen girl, legal I am sure, meaning she is 18 or 19, and she helps her Mom or boy friends mother suck the guys cock.

The video is quite good in the context that I find most of the females in it hot enough that I would hook up with them in real life.  That is my barometer of [...]

in praise of roman men

For those of you who like it aural, I made a voice recording of this post. Forgive the vocal stumbles toward the end; I couldn't bear to read the whole thing again.

4_3_11 9_36 PM

 If walking through Rome doesn’t make you want to divide and conquer, you need to take a look at your testosterone. Those hills undulate around you like a heaving bosom, like parted thighs, like dimpled buttocks. The cypresses stand proud and erect like so many martial pricks. The river runs through it, wet and mossy smelling. I have spent the past two decades in New [...]

Holly Wellin Vs Shane Diesel


Duration: 24:33 Keywords: Big Black Shane Diesel Wellin Holly Blackzilla Coc