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Creepy Doms and the Unhealthy Relationship ’50 Shades’ Fosters


The number of articles written about the insipid and unfortunate trilogy, 50 Shades, is staggering. But at least most of them are better written than the actual books. Just look at the 1/2 star reviews on Amazon to see what I mean if you’ve managed to miss out on that aspect. This article I stumbled across today points out that while the actual sex is indeed a ridiculous fairy tale, the relationship is a tale of caution.

Much of the media attention thus far has focused on the BDSM relationship between the two main characters. What’s missing, though [...]

Examining My (Conflictingly) Poly Self

I know that I’m poly, to some level.

I call myself “theoretically polyamorous,” as in, I know that I’m capable of being being attracted to or in love with multiple people at once, but I don’t put it into practice in my life, i.e. in a practical sense, I am monogamous.

There are many reasons for this. When I think about how I act when I’m dating someone, it takes enough time and energy to just do that with one person that I can’t imagine putting equal time and attention on even more people. Also, contradictorily, I can be quite [...]

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The Perils (Not Really) of Dee


I love my rope, but why be tied to the train tracks when I can prance around all over them instead – and accidentally get seen, as it turns out? Besides, my delightful villain (aka m’Lady) had far better notions than letting me be run over …

We wandered down the walkway toward the Puffing Billy Railway, which gave us a great view of the train itself. but wasn’t what we had in mind. So we decided to see if we could get to the train tracks themselves, and found a lovely picnic spot in the process.

click-throughs scattered throughout, [...]

Anal Music Video Compilation

I’ve reviewed this video before, so this post will be short and sweet.

Simply put, this 56 minute long video from Tube8.com is one of the best anal music sex compilations ever.

Most of the girls are young and wild.  They all take the cock in their ass hole and their girl freinds suck the cock when pulled out of her ass.

The music is lively, progressive and uplifting.

Truly this video does what its intention is, to bring you into another realm, a realm of totally hot anal sex.

The girls in the video are enjoying a really good [...]