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Prensley Anal Training


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I Wish I Had A Hot, Sexy Wife…

Men by the millions are right now thinking to themselves, “I wish I had a hot sexy wife” … but they aren’t willing to “pay the price” to have one.

They aren’t willing to pay the price of learning what they need to learn. They aren’t willing to pay the price of doing what they need to do. And so, because they aren’t willing to pay the price, they get to do without…and they go home to a cold, unhappy wife who is eventually going to get fed up with their unwillingness to “pay the price” and leave for [...]

The Art of Blow Job.com – Camille Crimson

I ran across Camille Crimson’s web site and videos as I was doing a search of blow job videos.

Small world as they say, this girl has been sucking cock on high quality video for many years and I just came across her.

Camille is kinda my type.  I feel a connection or bonding to her.  Her nose, her face, her poise, her confidence, her femininity, her sensuality, her crispness in make up and manicure, lingerie, she just does it for me.  She is mature, no spring chicken, but with maturity comes perfection in the case of Camille.

She kinda [...]

Poly Advice for Newbies on Polyamory Weekly Podcast

I recently posted a review here of the awesome time I had at Polycamp NW in August. While I was there, I got an invitation from Cunning Minx to sit down and record some of what I contributed to the discussion in a workshop she had done earlier in the afternoon. It was a thoroughly gorgeous day, bright, warm sunshine and the glories of the Pacific Northwest all around us. We found a picnic table under a tree away from the crowd and had a very easy and natural conversation, which you can listen to here. [...]

Money Talks Carmen

Duration: 37:44 Keywords: young latina money talks sexy amateur

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