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More and Better Sex – 8 Tips for Men

1. The more emotional pain a woman carries, the less she wants to be touched in her private areas. And, unless a woman has a man who completes her, she IS carrying emotional pain – it’s just a matter of what degree. Most women do NOT have such a man. That means you have a huge opportunity…

2. Take the judgment out of sex. Forget about questions like, “Did I do it right?” or “Was that good for you?” or “How do I feel / look?” Instead, make it a time of connecting, exploring, and experimenting. Make it a [...]

Eye Candy: Quickies


From French studio Explicite Art:

Judy Minx – masturbating Jessie Volt – masturbating for the camerawoman Emi Angell – her debut One of my favorite performers Jasmine Arabia, with Tiffany Doll – going down on Titof (pictured)

Why your poor social media skills have cost you my business


Yesterday, and for the hundredth time, someone on Liberator’s Twitter feed acted like a complete asshole.

Being a seasoned social media watcher, I knew that these offensive and idiotic tweets would eventually disappear so I screen-capped them. And heyyyyy, lookie there….they’re now gone! But thanks to posterity, not forgotten.

Lest we think that the asshattery is limited to whatever dumbass Liberator decided to entrust with the Twitter password this week, it’s also going on at Facebook in spades. SPADES I TELL YOU.

First up, we have this one. I shared it, I commented my disgust in their negative [...]

Crazy old moms hard fuck


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Fat Ebony Girl Masturbating


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