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MILF and Teen Blow Job Compilation

This is a 27 minute video brought to us via Alphaporno.com.

It depicts a dozen or so scenes in which primarily older attractive women, aka mothers I’d like to fuck, are sucking a younger guys cock.

Often times there is a teen girl, legal I am sure, meaning she is 18 or 19, and she helps her Mom or boy friends mother suck the guys cock.

The video is quite good in the context that I find most of the females in it hot enough that I would hook up with them in real life.  That is my barometer [...]

Kayaking in Fort Lauderdale Today

I knew I wanted to get on the water and paddle.  I did not know for sure where I wanted to go.  I started driving and my vehicle led me to the boat ramp at Cooley’s Landing.

I have kayaked here perhaps 50 to 100 times before and kinda like reading the same scripture in the bible over and over for decades on end, you find new meaning each time you read the same scripture and each time you kayak paddle in the same body of water.

What was most noteworthy today?

The SW 7th Ave draw bridge has one [...]

How To Have A Bad First Date

A bad first date will ensure you never see the person you went out with again. Follow this sage advice for a really terrible, awkward first date!

You made a mistake. This person seemed great online, or when you met them at a bar, or maybe your friends tried setting you up with someone who is “totally right for you” only for you to find out that they’re totally wrong for you. You could just end the date, but you don’t want to. You’d rather just make the first date so bad that they never want to see you again. [...]

Marriage In My Lifetime & Yours

Horrific examples from Wives Legal Rights, by Richard T. Gallen, a Dell Purse Book, 1965.

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