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The schoolgirl in the crowd

Weaving my way through a crowd of rush-hour commuters at Baker Street at around 6pm the other evening. In our midst, a solitary schoolgirl, carrying her satchel, looking downcast.

Surely school had finished hours before, I thought. So where had she been? Why, it was obvious…

Detention started after the other girls had left: an hour of copying the school rules in longhand with her fountain pen. And afterwards: that most lonely of walks to her housemaster’s office, to have to listen to how disappointed he was in her and to learn her fate.

Momentary relief that it was only [...]

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Why Men are Afraid of Proposing

To most women, the thought of a proposal is sweet and magical, the stuff of storybooks. But believe me when I tell you this ladies, to your guy, the whole experience—from asking your parents, to buying the ring, to the actual moment—is one nerve-wracking, teeth-chattering, bone-chilling experience….

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