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Sarah Silverman – I Confess…… I LOVE Her !!! :)

If ever there was such a thing as renting a girl friend by the hour, I want Sarah Silverman.

She is cute, she is pretty.  She is interesting to look at and to hear.

To have sex with her……  To make love to her……

To enjoy her body, knowing how interesting her mind is, is better than sex for the sake of sex.

Here is a two and a half minute You Tube video of Sarah.  It ends with her singing her famous love song.

There are hundreds of videos of Sarah on You Tube.  This one will give [...]

4 Things Most Men Don’t Know About Giving Women Jaw-Dropping Orgasms!

An orgasm is something guys want to give to their lovers, but don’t know how. Are you missing out on these things that will give her an incredible orgasm?

Who wants to know about scintillating secrets to please your woman in bed? If you are anything like the hot-blooded, testosterone-driven men reading this, you probably have your hand raised up high, don’t you? When it comes to understanding female sexuality, most men are woefully clueless. But all you need to know are these 4 facts about the female sexual arousal, and you are on the way to sexually fulfilling your [...]

Why She Fakes Orgasm And How To Get Her To STOP!

An orgasm is easy for some girls to fake, and fake it they do for various reasons. This can really hamper your sex life. Here’s how to get her to stop.

A woman is sexiest during those precious few seconds when she has an orgasm. But, did she REALLY, or was it something else?

Here’s news for you – if you’re not a virgin, chances are, you’ve been faked a couple of times. You can accept that and be a little easy on yourself, or you can continue on the path of denial. “Oh, she came man, I swear she [...]

Husband Warning: Does Your Wife Have a Guy-Friend?

If you are a married man, this article may save you significant grief…

Let’s start by asking, “Why does a wife cheat on her husband?“

Reason #1 is that her husband doesn’t know what her needs are and so therefore, he doesn’t meet her needs…which leaves her looking for fulfillment in some other man besides her husband.

Reason #2 is that her husband fails to think and operate in a way that’s appealing, attractive, and sexy…so she goes looking for a man who thinks and operates in a way that IS appealing, attractive, and sexy to her.

Reason #3 is [...]

Hot asian chick Erika Kurisu sucks a huge cock


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