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Girlfriends ask, boyfriends deliver: Design your own luxury sex toy


I estimate that at least half of the sex-tech entrepreneurs I’ve written about over the years are men who say they invented their product or service at the prodding of their wives and girlfriends. In many cases, the women keep their day jobs to support the household and prop up the business, and the men try to bring the product or service to market before the whole enterprise crumbles under the weight of financial ruin. (I mention this in case you are one of those people and wondering if you are the only one in the boat. You’re not.)


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Cybersex and Sexting: Is It Okay? [Video]

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anita@practicalpolyamory.com has shared: The #1 Reason Why Men and Women Over 50 Cheat (It’s Not What You Think!)

Whew! The over 50 crowd’s comments are brutal. It is very apparent from the comments that the idea that monogamy isn’t natural scares people very badly indeed. It’s a good article, though, and features a 28 minutes TED talk about why we cheat by ahropologist Helen Fisher Ph.D.- she’s worth it.

So what do you think of this article?  It also references Esther Perel’s work – Matingin Captivity – in which she is quoted as saying that people in a long term relationship should deal with the urge to cheat by being creative in the bedroom, in [...]