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Man May Walk But Women Pay The Price

In the BBC’s Prehistoric Autopsy, the third programme focused on Lucy, an Australopithecus afarensis.

Found by Dr Donald Johansen in 1973 in the Afar triangle in Ethiopa, she was aged around 25 when she died and was only about 2-3 feet tall but the important thing about Lucy is that the formation of her [...]


A Job Well Done

It’s never easy bringing up children.

It’s even harder when you have a partner who is actively working against you.

I re-read Fear and Loathing for the first time nearly five years after I originally wrote it and I wondered whether to publish.

But I wanted you to know how hard it was – at that time, as [...]

The Fear

I just love this. Available to download this week, Lilly Allen’s ‘The Fear’ is such a clever treatise on all that is going wrong with our lives today. The fixation with cash and material possessions, beauty and body shape to the exclusion of all the terrible things that are going on in the [...]

UnderRated: Television that Shaped my Life

Over the years I have been an avid television watcher and there are many programmes and series for which, pre-video, I would drop everything to enjoy. Appointment television I believe it is called. The world stopped for those programmes. Dinner was arranged to be finished before it started. The Onedin Line, Howard’s Way, Dallas and [...]

UnderRated: Cadburys Wispa

I’m not much of a chocolate eater but I have always had a huge weakness for the Wispa.

To be honest, I was sad but not distraught when it was withdrawn from sale since it was a temptation. And we anorexics don’t really like temptation.

However, more recently, when I seem to have the condition [...]

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