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Spread those legs!!!

3D SexVilla 2

Lets face it everyone…
Getting your partner to spread their legs can take a lot of time and effort.
So once you finally get those legs open, i recommend you make sure to keep them that way!

Recently i was shopping for the right tool for the task of keeping my legs spread open wide, i love bondage play and enjoy the feeling of having my legs forced open.

I did some research and found a great store online that sells sex swings, sex swing stands and other bondage items. I purchased the awesome 24″spreader bar from www.eroticsexswingsandthings.com. You can choose this item in a bunch of different colors like black, red, yellow and blue. (The cuffs needed are sold separately)

Finding the proper cuffs are very important to use in combination with your spreader bar. I recommend using a very strong & well made cuff with a very soft padding. These are the cuffs that i purchased to use with my spreader bar. They are called plushy ankle cuffs and you can find them on wantdesire.com.

Finding the right kind of cuffs for you is just a matter of preference with fabric and fit, most cuffs are adjustable and are simple to use. Make sure that all the hooks and attachments are made with metal and not plastic for your fun and safety!

Once my spreader bar and ankle cuffs had both arrived i easily attached my ankle cuffs to the 2 heavy duty D rings on the spreader bar.

I was amazed at the strength and quality of this product. It is made fom 1.25 16 gauge solid metal tubing, and spreads the legs about a comfortable 3 feet apart. (It could be more or less depending on your own ankle cuff attachments.)

This spreader bar was so strong my partner could hold it in the air and lift me right off the ground safely. The strong D ring attachments on each end of the bar can clearly hold a lot of weight which means if your kinky enough you could find multiple uses for this spreader bar. I found that you can easily attach a strong chain to the top and be hung from the ceiling or closet!

I seriously recommend this product for your more extreme bondage play… its no ordinary spreader bar! Its built “Ruff and Tuff” to make all your wildest fetish & bondage fantasies come true.

Be sure to check out the site i got it from: www.eroticsexswingsandthings.com for a peek at some of their kinky first ever made fetish accessories and sex machines!


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