3D SexVilla 2



3D SexVilla 2

Have you ever found yourself trucking along in life, and then suddenly feeling very overwhelmed with the sheer amount of things you are doing?

One of the reasons I feel so right in a submissive role is that I have a tendency to overwhelm myself in everyday life. I take on lots of projects and don’t make time for those lazy moments. I have a hard time watching an entire hour-long TV show or relaxing with some wine and reading a book or soaking in the bubble bath alone with my thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong, Iwantto do those things. But when I make time for them, I can’t enjoy them. I just think about all the productive things Icould be doing. Then I start feeling guilty. I could be doing more work or writing a new blog post or cleaning the house or…

Be submissive gives me a release from that. For an hour or so I can let go of all the things I should be doing and just enjoy being dominated. And I don’t feel guilty because I’m doing what my daddy tells me. I’m making him happy. So it’s okay.

Weird as it sounds, scenes are kind of…me time. With Cash. I know that sounds strange, but I get to relax and just not think about life.

Because life has a way of snowballing for me. I keep taking on projects and then suddenly I have so much on my plate that I’m overwhelmed beyond belief and trying furiously just to hold things together.

Any other subs out there feel like being dominated is kind of like “me” time? Or is that just me?

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