3D SexVilla 2


Scolding the corridor girls

3D SexVilla 2

Four hours’ sleep after a manic couple of days at work, including a late-night report to complete. A flight across the Atlantic. Straight into discussions and projects with my business partner in NYC. On to dinner – via an agreeable (if snowy) diversion to a Barnes & Noble. Back to my hotel. Managing to stay awake until 9.30pm – the middle of the night back home – then crashing into the deepest sleep.

Plenty of experience tells me that I’m not great with jetlag on my first two nights on foreign shores in different time zones. So to be woken after little more than an hour by giggling and shrieking female voices, by the sound of people running up and down the corridor outside, was hardly helpful.

I waited for it to stop: it didn’t. So it was on with the hotel bathrobe, and time to open the door of my room. Three young ladies were curled up in a merry pile outside a neighbouring room, chattering and laughing. I addressed them in my sternest Abel Jenkins voice: “There are guests trying to sleep. Would you keep the noise down”.

Apologies were profferred; peace and quiet was restored immediately. Sadly, in a way – for (not that I actually would in real life) the idea of having to go back out and scold them once more, and then to bring them into my room to spank them for continuing misbehaviour, rather appealed.

Or, actually, what if I’d called security? If they’d come and sent the girls on their way? If they’d told the teacher who was supervising their trip what had happened? If he’d called them each to his room; expressed his surprise and disappointment at their behaviour (for only the good girls had been allowed on the trip to Manhattan); made them each remove their jeans; had them each bend over his knees in turn, pulling down their panties to bare them and giving them the sort of prolonged, painful hand spanking that their conduct deserved.

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