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School sports

3D SexVilla 2

My mental storylines about girls being punished after school sports have always involve them being wet, bedraggled, muddy. Think rugby, cross-country running… Think supervised showers, followed by sound whackings in the changing rooms with the sports master’s plimsoll.

A long walk in sub-zero temperatures the other day provoked a different idea. Girls in short hockey skirts, freezing in the wind on a sub-zero day. Made to stand with hands on head in the dressing room at the end of the game. Caned on their ever-so-cold thighs. And then sent to strip and shower.

I’m wondering, though, about the effectivenss of the punishment. How much would the strokes actually hurt on numb-from-cold flesh? More or less than a room-temperature caning? And would the marks start to hurt more or less as the water from the showers warmed the punished culprits up?

(Oh, did I say ‘warmed’ there? See, I’m getting soft: who says the showers would be anything other than bracingly-cold anyway?)

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