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Reader Mail (Dick)

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I received an emailed reader question today from Dewey, a guy who probably didn’t drill down very far into our content. Either that, or we have unintentionally created an image of ourselves through this site that is; crude, obscene, and desperate to please.

Dewey says, “I Love the way your hot wet pussy look`s i have a 9 inc dick and i would love to suck and fuck you with it if you will let me. Can you send me some hot wet pics to my e mail it is [omitted] thanks dewey

Dewey’s offer to suck me with his “9 inc dick” was very compelling so I immediately replied to his request and sent a picture of one very hot, wet pussy. Rawrrr… dripping wet and submissive too. HOT! I said, “Here you go, Dewey!(show picture)

I feel my response, which would have arrived from Dick, effectively introduced me to Dewey and also gave him an accurate taste for my sense of humor. He was amused but undeterred… “dam that`s a good looking pussy but how can your man fuck that? Now show me your big tits

Again, I replied immediately (we aim to please). “‘Big tits’ sounds so much more eloquent when you say it in French… ‘grand tetons’. So here you go, they don’t get any bigger than these Grand Tetons…” (show picture)

Dewey was not impressed, he replied with sarcasm, “Thanks now i can fuck and suck that wowww“.

Sadly, I don’t think Dewey will be back. That’s okay, we can’t please everyone all the time. If you have any explicit requests, if we don’t know you at all, and if you were raised by animals outside the confines of polite society, please use our contact form to get in touch. Thanks.

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