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Providing a Service

3D SexVilla 2

It’s all in the attitude. When I’m with Hylas and I’m wearing my cock and I want his mouth or his arse, it’s very definitely about him doing what pleases me (although it sure as hell gets both of us off).

But when I’m with m’Lady and I put on my harness? Then it’s for me to provide service. And in this case, it was to service hir arse – and it pleased me very much to be able to pleasure hir in such a way.

curvaceous dee harness bruises

This was on the sixth day of my visit to m’Lady. We’d spent a relaxing day – sleeping, lounging around watching clips and drinking tea, talking. And at various times my mouth had been fucked, or my hands used. Or my flesh bitten. We generally gloried in each others company, as we get it so rarely!

And then, after working hard by plugging my arse and fisting my cunt, it was time for m’Lady to lie back and be pleasured again.

curvaceousdee harness dildo

I kept my plug in. I gave hir a show. And then I provided service.

And it was a pleasure for us both.


Damn, but I miss m’Lady!

Wicked Wednesday

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Providing a Service originally appeared on Curvaceous Dee on December 5, 2012. If you are reading this anywhere other than on an RSS reader, this content has been scraped.


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