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3D SexVilla 2

Pjur Bodyglide original works wonders for both men and women… 

Before i started dating my man I had never really tried using a lube before… it was just something that i never thought to try. During our first sexual encounter he reached down into his bedside drawer and pulled out a bottle of Pjur. I was amazed how just a little dab of personal lube could change the whole sensation and friction… and it changed it in a great way! Instead of feeling tugging and pulling and trying to force it his privates inside me.. His goodies gently slid right in… and it felt great!

It made made “getting it on” even more of a pleasant experience for me…

Soon after learning about the pleasures of using lube, i purchased another brand to try.
I quickly found out… not all brands of lube are created equal!

Pjur honestly seems to be one of the best!

Pjur original is great for sex, great for hand jobs, great for personal mastrabation, and can even be used for massage!

Ive heard a lot about the Pjur anal lube and women’s personal lube, so i am ordering a few bottles to review them for you as well!

If you have never used a lube before or are looking to upgrade to a better lube, I hope you give Pjur lube a try! Find this lube now on wantdesire.com.

Please leave a comment about your experience with lubes,
What’s your favorite and why?

Your always happy and horny gal,


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