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Penis Size – And 4 Other Things He’s Secretly Self Conscious About

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Penis size is only one of the things guys are secretly self conscious about. What else is he worrying about that he’s not telling you?

There are a lot of things that women are self conscious about. Having smaller breasts or a little extra weight is enough to send some women over the edge. But there are a lot of things that men are self conscious about. Men are just as insecure about certain aspects of their body; they’re just a little better at hiding it.

Men have a way of showing confidence even when they are not confident. A guy can know that he’s not the smartest, tallest or most well endowed guy in the room, but he can still make women swoon. Here are some of the things that he’s secretly self-conscious about.

1. Height

Hollywood has trained women to think that a guy is not worth it unless he’s 6’1. If you have ever heard of the Napoleon Complex, then you know the kind of guy that is secretly self-conscious about his height. Height is a sign of dominance. When a guy is taller than other men, there is a perception that he is better than other men.

While most women know that this simply isn’t true, guys can be very self-conscious about their height. A guy that is not even average height certainly will not have any problems finding a girl that is shorter than him, but he might find it hard to have the confidence to approach her. Most women are between 5’3 and 5’7. This leaves a lot of options to guys that are 5’7-5’8 and even guys that are only 5’5, but height is a key factor to confidence.

2. Hairlines

While height is an indication of dominance, hair can be an indication of youth. When a guy starts to lose his hair, it’s a sign that he’s getting older. This symptom of mortality is enough to send any guy into a tailspin. If you have ever met a guy with a receding hairline, you probably know the self-conscious means of hiding it.

Hats are fairly common with guys who are losing their hair. Wacky haircuts to hide the fact that they are going bald are also a key factor. If the guy is loosing his hair and he’s in his 20′s, you are going to find him extra sensitive about this subject. If you ever meet a guy that is losing his hair, try to stay off the subject.

3. Weight

Weight can be a factor for guys, but it’s much more a factor for women. Although guys have been romanticized with six pack abs and bulging muscles, a little weight might not affect them that much. If the guy is very overweight he could be self conscious about it. Weight is such an issue with all people that it can negatively affect confidence levels and self-image.

If your last boyfriend was in great shape and your new boyfriend has a little pudge, it’s only natural for him to feel self conscious about it. Talk to your guy about his weight and see if there is something that you can to help him out. Simple diets and exercise can go a long way in transforming a body.

4. Body Hair

Excessive hair is an extreme turn off to most women. Having a hairy back is not something that screams sex appeal. Most guys that have hairy backs suck it up and head to a salon to have it waxed off. When the summer hits everybody likes to head to the pool, beach or lake to relax. This can be a nightmare for guys that have hair in places that it shouldn’t be. If you have ever met a guy with a hairy back, you probably know the signs. He is hesitant to take his shirt off or avoids situations where a shirt should not be present.

5. Penis Size

By far the most common thing that men are self conscious about is their penis size. The penis is not like other organs. Although there are pills, exercises and ridiculous penis pumps, most men fret over their penis even when it is of average penis size. The signs are fairly clear. Most men will avoid sexual contact with women if they have small penis or constantly bombard them with questions about previous lovers.

One way to reassure a man is to tell them that the sex is good – even great. We all know that you don’t have to have a huge penis size to satisfy a woman and there are positions that will give deeper penetration for smaller penises. Informing your partner that you are happy with them and your sex life is essential to instilling confidence in their abilities and penis size.

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