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I was driving down Oakland Park Blvd earlier today.  Actually a few hours ago.  I was in traffic and in the lane next to mine, a car or two up, was an ice cream truck.  It was a Ford van, high top type version.  The kind that probably at one time was an ambulance and was later converted to an ice cream truck.

It was sorta kinda your basic ice cream truck.  Not beat up like some of the older ones, but as far as ice cream trucks go, this was just another one of them.

On the back of the truck was written in neat letters. >>> Maypos.net.

I am the type that I jot down most any web site link that I see.  Out of curiosity, I ponder what the web site might have to say.

I get home and I looked over the entire Maypos.net site and I’ll tell ya what, for being a simple solitary ice cream truck, this truck has one of the most comprehensive web sites that any ice cream truck may ever have! :)

They have an 8 minute or so Youtube video in which the ice cream truck is a part of.  I’ll post the link to that video here. >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qzjIDyePxuI

The video is actually quite interesting.  It tells of what I describe as a quite attractive girl next door type who kinda looks like Danica Patrick the race car driver, and there is an interesting story line behind it.  You’ll have to check it out to see what I mean.

He has tons of pics of all kinds of events he’s catered to with his truck in the past.  Weddings! Corporate events, bar mitzvahs, you name it he’s done it.

Again, as far as ice cream trucks go, I don’t think any one is gonna have a more comprehensive site than this guy does.  He is the link to the site, check it out. >>> http://maypos.net

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