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Maine Town Abuzz After John Suspect Names Are Released

3D SexVilla 2

This is another one of those times when a lot of prominent men of a city are unhappily disclosed to the public.

Like the case of Gov Spitzer, these men had hoped their little rendezvous behind closed doors with the lovely Alexis Wright were between her and him and no one else.

What has this world come to when a married man can not experience to inner depths of a hot bodied dance instructor?  I say that jokingly.  Fact of the matter is, Man is supposed to honor his wedding vows and remain faithful until death do him and his wife part.  At least that is how wives look at the situation.

I often wonder, did Hillary threaten Bill with divorce after all the BS Bill put her through via getting blow jobs from Monica Lewinski?  I guess not.  Hillary is a true modern day woman who realizes that boys will be boys and it is not some thing significant enough to dump your husband over.

It’s too bad that Maria Schriever did not feel the same way pertaining to hubby Arnold Swarzeneger’s sexual infidelities.  I guess though there is a major difference.  Bill and the guys who hooked up with this Alexis Wright girl, were only in it to get their rocks off.  Whereas Arnold’s relationship produced a child and it was a relationship and not just a sexual one night stand or fling.

Would I fuck Alexis Wright?  Hell yes!  She is just my type   Girl next door pretty, with a very nice body.  The only thing about her that I would not go for is her high session fee price.  Being honest, the most I ever paid for a hook up, was $200 and that included a scat session fee where the lovely young woman shit on me in addition to the blow job, banging her etc etc.   

I guess in my neck of the woods, paid for pussy is so much more common that it is not looked upon as a high priced commodity.  I get the feeling lots of these guys were paying this Alexis girl like $1,000 for a hook up.

The sad reality fact of the matter is these guys were video taped with their pants down fucking this girl.  That nightmare is only superceded via catching HIV from a ho.  I mean that shit is just wrong.  Men paying $$$ for a hooker and having the session video taped behind the mans back is just wrong!

That is the price Man has to pay for a piece of ass though.  Like how republicans are trying their hardest to out law abortion, a simple thing like killing a sperm and egg hook up should not be such a big deal.

In the same context, a married man sliding his penis into a lovely dance instructor who is for hire, should not be such a life changing event.  It is though when it is 100% made public.  Aaahhhh when the joys of life become the detriment of life.  Man never did realize what he was truly giving up on his wedding day.  A life of fucking the same pussy for ever and if ever he did hook up with a prostitute, it might be a major ruining of his life.  Why does sinful pleasure have to be so bad?

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, please be with us. 

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