3D SexVilla 2


Listen to Mistress…

3D SexVilla 2

Oh, no… looks like these sweet ladies have something a little spicier in mind this month… Have you missed any of the ‘And Sweetie Makes Three stories? Read them all, but be sure to leave a hand free; you might need it! Do you have a fantasy about what this hot trio might do next? Drop a note in the comments, and you may see it next month!

Natalie and Alana had already been plotting for nearly half an hour by the time Michael got home from work. He walked into the living room, already tugging at his tie, and stopped with a grin when he saw that Alana was over again.

“Hello, beautiful,” he said, winking at both of them. Alana turned to Natalie and rolled her eyes, and Natalie grinned back.

“It’s very naughty of you to tease us that way, Michael,” she said. Her body was already warm with anticipation, and her voice came out deep and smoky. Michael paused in his movement toward them, and he tipped his head as he glanced from Alana to Natalie, a puzzled look on his face.

Alana stood and left the room, and Michael followed her with his eyes, looking even more confused. She’d worn an obscenely short skirt, and Natalie smirked as she saw his cock react to the sight. “And now you’re lusting after our friend. You really are feeling bad today, aren’t you?”

“Am I?” Michael asked. He set his jacket aside and started in on the tie again, and Natalie sashayed up to him.

“Oh, definitely.” She tugged the tie free once he’d loosed the knot, then she started in on the buttons of his shirt, letting her fingertips graze the skin of his chest. He sucked in a breath and closed his eyes, his head tipping back as she teased him. When the shirt was completely undone, she unfastened the buttons on his cuffs, and dropped it to one side. She kissed his chest, working her way slowly down his body, and then around behind him.

As quietly as she could, she slid open the drawer on the table by the front door, where they usually kept emergency supplies, and where she and Alana had stashed the novelty cuffs half an hour before. The first one was on his wrist before he knew what was happening, and before he could react, she’d pulled his other arm gently back and snapped the second cuff shut.

Michael stiffened, and she smiled as he tried to pull his arms forward, and was stopped by the cuffs. “What the heck?”

“You’ve been very naughty. We think you deserve to be punished,” she said. Her entire body was alive with arousal and excitement as she gently pushed him forward, and she heard a sharp intake of breath that meant he was excited as well. She guided him to the bedroom, where Alana was curled up on the bed waiting for them, a sly smile on her face.

“I see you brought the victim,” Alana said. She stood and helped guide Michael to the bed and bend him forward over it, then she unfastened his pants and pulled them down to his ankles, while Natalie moved into his vision and slowly stripped her clothes away.

She moved onto the bed, her naked body tingling in anticipation, and scooted forward until Michael’s face was pressed into her hot cunt. “Time to make your apologies, baby,” she said, tipping her hips to give him fuller access.

He wasted no time in complying, despite the awkward angle necessitated by his inability to support himself. Natalie nodded to Alana, and the other woman delivered a hard smack to Michael’s ass with her bare hand. He yipped and tried to turn and look, but Natalie grasped his hair and forced him back to her pussy.

“You’re not done yet,” she purred, and moaned when he lapped at her again. Alana delivered another smack, and he groaned again and only paused for a second before he resumed eating her out. “That’s right… she’s going to keep going until you make me come, Michael, so you’d better do a good job!”

Alana’s swats increased in pace as she started to get into a good rhythm, and Michael cried out with each one, moaning with arousal and sucking heartily on Natalie’s clit. He struggled against his bonds, but she only smiled and enjoyed his fight for the finish line. She might never have considered these kinds of bedroom games if it weren’t for Alana’s encouragement, but tonight had been her idea, and she was living it to the fullest.

Michael’s moans had become continuous, changing only in pitch as he struggled against Natalie, who was doing her best to delay her orgasm. She breathed deeply, crying out when the pleasure became irresistible, and trying to think of the mundane. But when she met Alana’s eyes, the look of wicked delight on the other woman’s face was too much for her to resist. She cried out, the pleasure arcing through her body, and Alana stopped her spanking to let Michael finish Natalie off properly.

Natalie let herself fall back on the bed for a moment, enjoying the tingling that still coursed through her body. Then she scooted away from Michael and traded places with Alana, who had hiked up her short skirt to show Michael that there was nothing beneath but Alana’s lovely, shaved pussy.

Natalie reached between his legs and squeezed his erection, which was thick and full, pulsing hotly in her hand. “Did we forget to mention that we were switching places, too?” she asked innocently.

Michael groaned, but he was already diving into Alana’s hot pussy as Natalie took up her position behind him, and started in on his reddened ass. Her hand stung pleasantly as she slapped down, hard, and his skin was hot and flushed. Alana moaned from her place on the bed, and she ran her nails through Michael’s hair as she looked up to smile at Natalie.

“I’m amazed you even managed to come,” she said, winking, “he’s hardly doing anything for me, here. I feel like I could just sit like this forever…”

Natalie laughed as her hand came down on his ass yet again, and Michael moaned loudly as he ground his cock against the bedspread, desperate and horny. Alana’s moans and the wet sounds of Michael’s ministrations filled the air, punctuated with the crack of Natalie’s hand.

“Do you think we should let him masturbate when we’re done with him?” Natalie asked. Her pussy pulsed with pleasure as Michael’s resultant moan sent an apparent shiver of pleasure through Alana. “Or maybe we should just switch back, again…”

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