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Sex and Heart Attacks

It’s the usual story, man trades in wife of thirty years for trophy model and then has heart attack on the job. And this theory was propounded by a study back in March that suggested physical activity like sex could make you three times more likely to have a heart attack in the hours [...]


Big Tits & Facial Compilation


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Post-menopausal bleeding/spotting

This past weekend, my mother, who is 61 and hasn't had her period for about 15 years told me, that she was spotting. This isn't the first time this has occurred. This is the third or fourth time this year she's mentioned it to me. On one occasion, she said it was like she was having her period, complete with painful cramps but only lasted 2 days. She's convinced that it's just stress that comes with being unemployed and having a difficult room-mate. I've done a bit of research on this topic and it seems more serious to me. What [...]

Fun Factory Massage Candle

Well, I’m pretty sure the whole world knows about my addiction to bath, body and massage products. If it’s an oil, a scrub, a candle, a foam, a salt, a gel, a balm… I want it!

So JR was super cool and popped into my Skype box and asked me if I wanted to review this Fun Factory Massage Candle and I was all, “oh, yells yes!”

A little about the candle:

It comes in a cute little cardboard box in shades of red, cream and silver as most Fun Factory Products do. It’s fairly discreet. It does say “amorous” [...]

bitchslapping 101

Last Saturday, I went to a play. It was, and I wish I could be more charitable, really pretty awful. It did, however, give me the platform to indulge in what very likely is the bitchiest bundle of prose I've yet committed to .doc and which was published today on one of my favorite blogs, Tits and Sass. The play in question, Stripper Lesbians (or possibly Lesbian Strippers, I can never remember), raised my ire not merely for its unabashed sloppy writing but also its lack of fundamental knowledge about strippers and stripping. Here's a choice morsel of my T&S [...]