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So you think you can write better porn? Kink.com scriptwriting contest

Online porn powerhouse and BDSM trailblazers Kink.com have just announced a scriptwriting contest with a pirate booty prize to the tune of $2000 USD (£1257.54 GBP). Kink will make the script into a Featured Kink Shoot, a private tour of the Armory (travel to SF not included), screen credit, an autographed photo from the shoot, and a year’s subscription to any Kink website the winner chooses.

Terms of the submission process require that writers surrender rights to their story ideas, so it’s a thing you’ll only want to do if you don’t want to own the [...]

A question of attribution

Out of the blue, I received an email the other day, asking: “Why do you think it’s okay to post other peoples copyright pictures on your tumblr yet cry when someone uses a story of yours elsewhere”. Not the most charming of notes, it must be said, from someone from whom I’ve never previously heard. But I still thought it merited a reply, as it touched on an interesting issue. Here’s what I said in response:


To the best of my ability, I never post pictures that are marked with (c), ‘copyright’ or indeed any text / name. That’s [...]

8 Signs You’re in Relationship Trouble

Things started out great with you and your guy, but now … not so much. Is it time to end this relationship? Read the signs to find out if you’re in relationship trouble.

Hot-caring, hot-cruel

Is there anything more appealing than a well-marked girl – her recent beating suggesting a certain vulnerability that manages to be, frankly, incredibly hot.

Yet that can work in two very different ways for me. There’s hot-caring: a beaten girl needing comfort, re-assurance, being taken to bed for passionate but gentle fun (mindful of not hurting her further if possible).

Or there’s hot-cruel: rough, forceful, reminding her of each and every stripe and of the ordeal she’s just been through. Indeed, hot-cruel might even be *part* of the punishment in some scenes, where a girl needs to be abused and [...]

Get into her panties!!!


Do you ever look at a sexy girl and just wonder what type of panties she has on? Does she like cotton or silk? Thongs or full bottoms? Colors or prints? Do you think her panties are wet right now? Do you think she knows i’m thinking about her panties??? Nah, were in the middle of talking about shampoo… she must think i’m thinking about shampoo… right? lol.

Yeah, our minds are always a lot dirtier then the innocence we portray to others. We are naughty humans and we carry around with us a bunch of dirty little thoughts.. [...]