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Should My Boyfriend Ask Permission to Marry Me?


Being nearly-engaged doesn't absolve you from wedding-related drama. Our experts weigh in on whether you need your dad's "OK" to say "I do," and more, in our daily wedding etiquette post. Related: Ten Things You Should Know About the First Year of Marriage


Dan Savage Responds to the Poly-As-Identity/Orientation Controversy

With regard to last week’s post about Dan Savage’s advice to a polyamorous person trying to cope with a monogamous partner’s pressure to be monogamous, it seems that he’s been hearing quite a lot from people with all sorts of perspectives.  He references this today in a blog post: “I said ‘no’ in last week’s Savage Love, kicking off a shitstorm in the comments thread, in my e-mail inbox, and here and there on the interwebs. (Even the right-wing nutjobs have taken notice.) At least one poly person agrees with me: There are a few problems with describing polyamory as [...]

Foursome Fucking – VCA


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Doctor withholding my birth control

Hello, all.I’ve switched to a new livejournal, but still use this one for communities, so please don’t look at my lj and assume I’m a troll because there aren’t many recent entries. (If you for some reason felt the need to verify I am real, my new lj is lafollefille.) Anyway, I’ve posted here before, and received some helpful advice, but I run into the same problem nevertheless.

I go to Planned Parenthood, as they take my Medicaid insurance, and they’re close by. However, last year, when it was time for my Pap, they refused to give me my birth [...]

Review- Black Label Jack Rabbit: Anniversary Edition from @CalExotics

For this month’s CalExotics Sexpert review, I received the Black Label Jack Rabbit Anniversary Edition. There are so many rabbits on the market right now, so you should research a while before picking one out. The BLJR is a dual stimulation vibe, which is my preference these days. It also has two other traits that [...]