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Kansas City Man Tells Police He Killed Prayer Group Leader’s Wife to Cover up Sexual Assaults

Aaaaahhhhh the Christian life can be so complicated.  Marriage, commitment, a preordained life of self sacrifice and living life to glorify God.

It often creates crazy people who have extreme sin in their lives and no good way to deal with it.

The outcome?  What you will read in this article.

Fanatics and extremists in every facet of life are a danger to society.  It is what makes certain republicans speak of legitimate rapes.

Other republicans that say when a woman is raped, her soon to be born baby is a gift from God.

It is what creates Muslim men [...]

5 Stages Of Female Orgasm

The female orgasm is quite different from the male’s. Here’s the female orgasm broken down stage by stage.

The famous sex researchers, William Masters and Virginia Johnson, were the first to outline the four stages of sexual response in human beings. These stages apply to both men and women, but each gender experiences the stages differently. Men typically race through the stages faster than women do. But in some situations, women may be ready for orgasm much faster than a man.

Let’s take a look at each of the stages as they occur in women and how to know when [...]

promoting menstruation after 5 years hbc

Hi Supa Stahs, I looked in the VP search but didnt quite find what i was looking for, answers wise. So, here’s hoping someone out there is willing to help a fellow VagPag community member out!

I posted about a month and a half ago with a pregnancy question when I went off birth control in Japan for 3 months, and after 6 weeks had a pos preg tesr, but an ultrasound showed an empty uterus. So, no fetus, but also, even three months later, no period…and I want to get back on schedule! My husband and I want to [...]

Stephen Elliott’s unusual, darkly funny Kickstarter for Happy Baby

Set aside your Kickstarter fatigue for a minute and take a look at a very unusual – and well done – Kickstarter for a project I really hope gets its funding: Happy Baby, the Movie (by Stephen Elliott). It also happens to be the project of someone I admire very much, and with whom I share a warm friendship and a similarly insane past.

Happy Baby is going to be an indie movie based on one of Stephen Elliott‘s novels of the same name, which the New York Times said was, as “Surely the most beautiful novel [...]

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