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Rate avatars so scientists can breed more attractive ones


bodyLab is researching attraction and has a couple of studies you can participate in. One study collects information about faces and the other collects information about bodies. In both cases, you rate an avatar on a scale of “less attractive than average” up to “more attractive than average.” The lowest scoring faces and body shapes are removed on a regular basis, and the higher scoring ones will be used to breed a new generation of avatars.

bodyLab: Researching the evolution of human body shape

I rated some male bodies today and saw that they are on the 4th [...]

Extremely Cute Blonde Teen Nailed by Big Black Dick

This is a quality 26 minute video brought to us via Tube8.com  It depicts a very good looking teen blonde with long wavy dream like California blonde hair, as she hooks up with this foreign speaking black male.

I imagine he is of Brazilian descent, but I am not certain.  He has a muscular gym rat type body and she is very sweet looking in her denim jeans and denim clothing, and even sweeter looking when her clothes disappear.

Is the girl really a teen?  Probably not.  Perhaps she is in her young twenties.  However, she has that vivid passion [...]

Token Slut Takes Four Dicks – X-Traordinary Pictures


Length: 36:15 Keywords: group sex

Maypos.net Ice Cream Truck

I was driving down Oakland Park Blvd earlier today.  Actually a few hours ago.  I was in traffic and in the lane next to mine, a car or two up, was an ice cream truck.  It was a Ford van, high top type version.  The kind that probably at one time was an ambulance and was later converted to an ice cream truck.

It was sorta kinda your basic ice cream truck.  Not beat up like some of the older ones, but as far as ice cream trucks go, this was just another one of them.

On the back of [...]

Post-menopausal bleeding/spotting

This past weekend, my mother, who is 61 and hasn't had her period for about 15 years told me, that she was spotting. This isn't the first time this has occurred. This is the third or fourth time this year she's mentioned it to me. On one occasion, she said it was like she was having her period, complete with painful cramps but only lasted 2 days. She's convinced that it's just stress that comes with being unemployed and having a difficult room-mate. I've done a bit of research on this topic and it seems more serious to me. What [...]

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